Finally When Rangeela The Ghulam Became Rangeela The Husband

Rangeela in Behrampur has been a synonym as the Ghulam and savior of his master Veer. There has been this belief that no matter what Rangeela will always be there by the side of veer. However things have changed and so has Rangeela with the entry of Shivani. Although unknowingly Rangeela has always went against his mater to protect the dignity of Shivani. Sill the conundrum was that he did not disagree to his master. In fact he was seen punishing himself every time for doing things for Shivani and accepting himself as a slave.

But in the episode last night the Ghulam was no more a slve. As he reveals his discovery of how Shivani is the innocent woman and she is the victim rather than the one who hurt her master. In fact he also mentioned how come what may he would not let his master touch his mother in the inappropriate way. Similarly now he has realized that no woman can be touched if she doesn’t want it regardless of who she is entitled to. Hence he saved Shivani and now he would be the life savior for Shivani no matter what.

The scene was symbolic as Rangeela rescues Shivani from the pyre and brings her down giving the hint that now even amidst the fire Rangeela would bring down shivani and save her from every problem no matter what. He would just come in time to rescue her and in this his friends would always be is accomplice.

Not just that there were many scenes in the episode last night where Rangeela fully completed his duties as a husband. He brought salted hot water for Shivani to heal the sore wounds so that she can now get well fast and he can manage things accordingly for Shivani and her uncle.

Looking at the symbols of last night Ghulam took a major mile stone with Rangeela rescuing Shivani and being a protector for her going against everyone in Behrampur. The story that until now revolved with Rangeela blindly following every duty and being a slave to Veer now starts with the same slave revolting against the same master to fight for the freedom of his wife. We all do surely know the unknown guilt Rangeela carries for duping Shivani into marrying Veer like that.

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