THE FINAL 8!!! Vote for 2017’s Best Actress, Actor, Show, On-Screen Jodi, Show, PH.


We are nearing the end of our #TTYearEndPoll. Only the final 8 are left and you get to decide who wins. You have been voting for various categories over the past few weeks and now it’s time for the POPULAR CATEGORIES.

It’s the finale….The Grand Finale and only based on your voting’s will the winners chosen in the various categories be honored and felicitated with AWARDS at our Special Awards Event taking place on March 2018 @ Mumbai, India.

So who according to you is the Best Actor, Actress, On-Screen Jodi, Best Ensemble Cast, Show, Reality Show and PH for the year 2017?

START DATE & TIME: 5th January 2018 @ 8:00 PM (IST)
END DATE& TIME: 16th January 2017 @ 11:59 PM (IST)

You the fans and viewers are the ones who get to decide the winner…..the BEST of BEST for the year 2017. It is your vote and our awards for the very first….the one of a kind Award Ceremony Hosted by TellyTadka/GlitzVision

So who will lift the trophy at @TellyTadka’s Awards March 2018?

May the best win!!!

~ Best Reality Show 2017 ~

~ Production House that brought forth a diverse selection of content 2017 ~

~ Best Ensemble Cast 2017 ~

~ Best Actor Popular (Female) 2017 ~

~ Best Actor Popular (Male) 2017 ~

~ Most popular and loved On-Screen Jodi 2017 ~

~ Most loved, popular and entertaining show 2017 ~

~ Characters attempting to and aimed at empowering Women ~



  1. Sonia Bera said:

    Love u “Tanshi” . I am a great great fan of kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra and their show Kasam tere pyar ki. Hope u both will win. Best of luck and god bless u a lot

  2. Sam Smythe said:

    Why isn’t Avni (Aditi Rathore) listed among the characters aimed at empowering women? She’s one of the best, independent, smart and realistic female characters I’ve ever seen!

  3. Sam Smythe said:

    Also, there should be a ideal character male awards! And obvio it would be Zain Imam (Neil) although there are other noteworthy characters out there too!

  4. kainaat maqbool said:

    Rishiiiii nd tanujaaa u both r best nd i hope ap hi winner ho ge inshaAllah

  5. Srabonti Roy chowdhury said:

    I love you kratika sengar Dheer & Sharad Malothra 😚😚😚…
    I love the serial kasam Tere payar ki 😍😍😍…
    & I don’t miss a single episode of this serial… ☺☺☺

  6. Shah said:

    The best and always be the best “DEVAKSHI “…
    My favorite and also the devakshi fandom family’s favorite… 😍😍😍

  7. Piya said:

    Shivika always , ishqbazz hit in 2017, surbhi, Nakul best actor and actress,in 2017.

  8. Ana o vrien said:

    Naamkaran, avneil just are damn good. Never been so crazy for anyone

  9. Khushbu rajesh wadhwa said:

    Naamkaran is the best show..👍👍.. Avneil is the best couple ..❤❤.. Adiza are best actors in Indian Television..😍😍.. Avni ayesha should be in the nomination of characters attempting to and aimed at empowering women..

  10. Shraddhu said:

    There is no vote for this. This couple has won the title of the best jodi 2016 by India News. So, zaahir si baat hai, the best jodi, best serial, best production house, best actor( male and female) goes to kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi. Devakshi-Sharica. Shaheer sheikh and erica fernandes… 🤗🙏

  11. samii said:

    They are not in your options.. which annoys. But i know for me The Best Onscreen Couple 2017 were any one was its ‘MeghNal’ Meghna-Kunal ; Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan.

    • Chauhan Vaishali said:

      I’m with you…. Meghnal r bestest best… Its very unfair that swabhiman going off air….but we want back swabhiman ,with same cast.

  12. Shraddhu said:

    This jodi has won the title of the best jodi 2016 by India News. So, zaahir si baat hai ki the best jodi, best serial, best actor(male and female), best production house is kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi, Devakshi-Sharica, Shaheer sheikh and erica fernandes and of course Beyond dreams production…

  13. Ruma ROY said:

    This is really unfair on your part Tellytadka. In Best Actor and Actress Category (popular) you have not nominated Shivangi n Mohsin from Yeh Rishta. This show was No.1 on Starplus since 8-9 months n they are much ahead of many other shows in terms of Trp whose actors n actress you have nominated

    • Diksha said:

      Yes yu are right….. Im with yuuuu…. Kaira is the best in everywhere…..

    • Shelly said:

      Dear it’s bcoz no1 wants to vote for crappy shows like YRKKH, KKB, KDB, etc. everyone knows why these yaak serials r still running on TV. They r nonsensical n baseless shows depicting extreme orthodoxy. Editors of this website also knows no1 wants to vote them coz they r the least deserving n actually they’ve just not even performers, forget being actors. Understand🙏🏻

      • Kriti said:

        Dear, YRKKH has been one of the most loved TV shows of all times….Yes it had become like monotonous for some time where they had to drag the story line ahead, just to be there in the longest running shows… But since the time leap of 2016… things have changed and now the show has a fresh storyline and new characters, just under the banner of YRKKH … and be it the talk of Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan…. no one has to tell them what amazing actors they are… and if any proof is needed… one can see the latest episodes…. the amount of hardwork they put in cannot be just ignored bcoz the show has been running so long…. They put all kinds of elements in it and make it reach and stand where the show is right now…. I am not being rude or saying this just bcoz i luv the show…. Any show for that matter should get respect irrespective of the time duration and the respect should be there for their hardwork, the injuries they sustain on sets, the sleepless nights and the everything that they put in just to entertain us. All characters in the nominees are brilliant …. and everyone has the freedom to speech but no one has the right to hurt someone’s sentiments and all….. I HOPE YOU WILL UNDDERSTAND….

      • Liza said:

        Its ironical how you call yrkkh orthodox which means you havent seen the show since 2016 its one of the better progressive shows on tv more realistic than many shows. The leads are not always crying or married multiple times to other people they dont love or always separated. Biggest usp the show is relatable & has no vamps/negative characters.
        As for voting, I agree many fans dont vote as much but doesnt mean you degrade the show & actors. Every show including your fav show’s production team & set of actors work equally hard day & night and have immense respect for each other. You can put your point across without insulting the hardworking actors of any show. Thank you!

  14. Sharmina said:

    Krpkab is the best nd bestest show & Erica Shaheer is the best jodi in indian tv even in my life.♥♥♥

    • Satyajit said:

      You are absolutely right KRPKAB is the best
      It’s the only serial I have downloaded….. I am having 402 episodes downloaded

  15. Sarasa Krishnan said:

    For me krpkab is the bestest show on Indian television and Devakshi the bestest on screen Jodi Shaheer and Erica the bestest actor and actress on Indian television 2017

  16. diya said:

    naamkarann avneil aditi and zain is the 1 👏😍
    only show which is soo so unique truly a nayi soch and shows women power ✌️🙅 the bestever show and cast

  17. Kirtee said:

    Naamkarann is the best show , Adiza is the best Jodi , Aditi is the best actress and Zain is the best actor 😍😘

  18. love u avneil.. said:

    Naamkaran cast , avneil😘 , zain imam , aditi rathore😍 and naamkaran is the best in all fields and categories…nobody can beat them…becoz they are the best…love u avneil adiza zainu and adu..💕💖💝

  19. Dolly said:

    KRPKAB was the best show ever telecast on Indian television. Surprised it is not there in the most loved and popular show category.

  20. Nalini said:

    KRPKAB is the best an unique show. Shaheer and Erica has nailed their scenes aka DevAkshi. Hence the best show till date on Indian TV. Real life show has put only smile on our face. Everyone must watch show.

  21. Gabriele Reters said:

    I like the show Naamkaran it’s a very exciting show. Every day there is another twist which seperats Avneil but on their own crazy ways the handle and battle with goons to get together again… It’s so amazing how each other handeled his own destiny for their love…
    The whole Naamkaran crew is so amazing🤗

  22. Manorama pandey said:

    Sudeep and disha are the best
    Best jodi : arjia
    Arjuna and jhanvi from wo apna sa

  23. Nirja (ishqbaaaz fan) said:

    No one can beat the chemistry of our ishqbaaaz…
    No one can beat ishqbaaazo ki ishqbaaazi…
    Ishqbaaaz will again prove that “BAAP BAAP HOTA HAI”… the family love, best actors and the sizzling chemistry of #shivika will make ishqbaaaz win… they totally deserve it… #IshqbaaazRocks #narbhi #KhidkitodJodi #shivika

  24. Nirja (ishqbaaaz fan) said:

    Magic and always charming shivika will win. #NakuulMehta and #SurbhiChandna rocks… #narbhi #shivika #KhidkitodJodi

  25. Jyotika Harsh said:

    Ek shringaar swabhimaan…the best show and Nairan the best jodi…

  26. Shruti said:

    Avni and Neil are the best jodi😍😘. I love their acting as well as the serial namkaran is amazing 💞😘😘

  27. ishu arora said:

    shivika is the hottest jodi❤❤❤..and nakuul is best actora nd surbhi too❤❤❤

  28. Najimi said:

    Avneil forever zain imam and Aditi outstanding performance .the best show television .naamkarann is best I love very much Avneil …

  29. Meira said:

    Avneil/Adiza ❤️ Love Zain&Aditi & Avni&Neil, Naamkaran without question, also voting for Dhaval/Gurodev Productionsss

  30. Meira said:

    Avneil/Adiza ❤️ Love Zain&Aditi & Avni&Neil, Naamkaran without question, also voting for Dhaval/Gurodev Productionsss THEYRE THE BEST

  31. samar momin said:

    Nakuul mehta , surbhi chandna and the team ishqbaaz …… They are the deserving one ishqbaaz is an addiction to me … It attracted me towards the television world … I love shivika

  32. Humera sohai said:

    I Iove ishqbaaz shivika shivay anika amazing performance ❤️❤️😘🤞🏻

  33. Angel said:

    That’s amazing. You have nominated such a least popular in many categories instead of Shivi and Mohsin who are ruling the whole tellywood. Hate u for this.
    Savitri Devi hospital and Shraddha Arya etc etc are no where to compare with Shivin and Yrkkh but who guys are idiots 😬

  34. Ayesha said:

    Arjun and jia aka Disha Parmar and Sudeepsair ❤️ There the best love them so much ❤️🙏😘

  35. humerasohail said:

    i love ib shivaay anika performance best jodi shivika ufff uffff ufffff nakul mehta performance angry expression smile crying hurt pain performance but surbhi chadhna loving performance smiling crying angry expresiion khidiktod slim body fitness sirf anika performance its my favourite nakul surbhi its my fav shivika :
    )from hs :)

  36. Athira said: show..Aditi best Actress..Zain best actor.
    And AvNeil…best Jodi 😍😍😍😘😘

  37. Rumpa said:

    Your comment…Beyhadh is most lovely show & Jennifer Winget is best actress .I love Maya so much.

  38. prachi said:

    naamkaran😍😍…..avneil😍…..aditi😘…zain😘…adiza😍….best serial😍….best Jodi…😍😍😍😍

  39. Shraddhu said:

    This couple won the best jodi 2016 by India News. So, zaahir si baat hai ki the best serial, best actor(male and female), best production house and best jodi is kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi, Devakshi-Sharica, Beyond dreams pandavas of course Shaheer sheikh and Erica fernandes without whom the serial is incomplete… 🙂

  40. angelina moni said:

    Anridh perfect heavenly couple. Samridhankitta best couple in whole world

  41. Sania Jaffri said:

    I am The Biggest fan of Sharad Malhotra and Kratika Sanger love you both and Kasam is a Fantastic show My favorite show 😘😘😘 hope you both win best of luck 😍😍😘😘😘 East and West Tanshi is a best 😘😘😘 Your biggest fan “Sania Jaffri”

  42. Chints said:

    NO SHOW CAN EVER BE LIKE krpkab❤️ Simple love Dev Sonakshi our Devakshi

  43. reedi reedi said:

    kasam is my fav serial i love kasam tanshi is my fav i love this jodi so beautiful and lovely😘😘💘

  44. dweena said:

    I’m shocked to see that Aditi Rathore hasn’t been nominated in the Women Empowering Character category as Avni, considering the fact that she truly defines and showcases how women are to rise above the patriarchal system and defeat the unfair judicial system. Honestly, she’s the most deserving in this category. The rest don’t really live up to the whole ideology of feminism through their characters. However, Aditi Rathore does. Through Avni Ayesha.

  45. Nandini said:

    Shaheer and Erica are the best actors/actresses and they are the best onscreen Jodi I’m in love with Khuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Best show everr
    #Devakshi #Sharica #couplegoals #bestonscreenjodi #bestactors #bestshow #KRPKAB #1showforever
    Shaheer and Erica should win for KRPKAB!!💖

  46. Nandini said:

    Loved the meaning of the title Khuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi everything about the show the story the actors everything is truly amazing Thank you for this show💖

  47. Nandini said:

    Please the show is too good

  48. Bhavika said:

    Shivika couple is fully romantic couple such good bonding they deserve best Jodi

  49. Sammy said:

    The best actors category do not have Mohsin and Shivangi ! Please watch last weeks episode to know how amazing actors they are and not nominating them is a shame .

  50. amol said:

    ssharad malhotra is best actor(male) ,kritika senger is best actor(female) and ofcause tanshi is best jodi on television industry

  51. rupsha sarbovoum said:

    Saheer shaik kuch rang pyar ka asa bhi he is the best and krpkab is the best serial in Indian television

  52. sneha said:

    Your comment…ib is best show in whole universe and shivika best onscreen jodi in whole universe no one can beat them and It’s prove also i m diehearted fan of nakul and surbhi i really wish they win all d best ib and lovely jodi shivika lots of love for u 😜 😍 👍 😍 👍 😜 😍 😘 😍 😘 😜 i m proud of myself that i m big fan of urs love uuuuuuuuuu 💖 💖 💖 💖

  53. samar said:

    Ishqbaaz is the best show with the best cast … It attracted me towards the television world before ishqbaaz I was not interested in telly wood …. It has the best actors ie nakuul and surbhi etc .. just fabulous ….their acting creates a feeling …….. shivika is love … ishqbaaz for the win

  54. Geet said:

    Yen h mohabbatein is best show,Ishra is best Jodi and divyanka and Karan are best actor and actresses, and Balmain is best production house

  55. Divyanshi said:

    Ishqbaaaz is the best ensemble cast.Surbhi is the best actor (female). Nakuul Mehta is the best actor (male).Shivika is the best and most popular jodi and of course Ishqbaaaz is the best show.Both the actors are doing amazing work and the cast also.All are fabulous.Please Shivika fandom vote them and make them win.

  56. Sargarika said:

    I would definitely vote for Namkaran. The current track is phenomenal cop vs priosner. They’re married very much in love but against each other. The dynamics is great to watch. Avneil love saga is unique. Last year they were amazing but they’re at their best right now. Special mention Aditi Rathore has grown tremendously as an actor during the past year. She has turned into a flawless performer. I’m with team Namkarann!!

  57. Gwendis said:

    I love kumkum bhagya… A show which ignites all types of emotions… Anger hate love etc must be worth it’s while… Abhi and pragya are phenomenal in the roles as leads… Amazing duo and I 😍 😍 😍 them…

  58. Shreya said:

    Erica fernandez and shaheer sheikh(devakshi) ate the best and krpkab is not a crappy show it’s best show ever

  59. Komal said:

    Avneilllllll aditi & zain r the most adorable couple with unbeatable chemistry♡♥

  60. Komal said:

    Avneil zain & aditi r the most adorable couple with unbeatable chemistry♡♥

  61. zouzou said:

    Vivian Dsena and the show Shakti and Harman / saumaya and Shakti cast is the best forever and always
    good luck all

  62. Manisha nahadiya said:

    naamkaran is best show and one and only avneil is the best couple

  63. Varsha said:

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi…. #DevAkshi are literally everything to us…..And they deserve every single bit of appreciation…

  64. Sharmina said:

    Erica Fernandes♥ Wonderful actress♥ ShaRica just amazing jobi of indian television.

  65. tiya kashyap said:

    divyanka tripathi best actress….karan patel undoubtlly best actor…….&when they do romance together undoubtlly they make the scene blockbuster so undoubtlly divyanka karan are world best cpl together…..only my divan desberve to win best jodi award…already divan won 46 or 47 award for just only jodi…..soooo divan rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  66. Juhi said:

    Shivika of course, the best jodi. Surbhi the best actor female and Nakul male best actor. Love ishqbaaz , love OBros always❤

  67. Chauhan Vaishali said:

    #wewantswabhimanseason2 #withsamecast
    #meghnal ❤ #nairan 😍
    Pls….give back our show rajshri and colors

  68. Zara said:

    Shivika (Shivay and Anika) only in Ishqbaaz as best Jodi. Best actor female Surbhi and male as Nakul best show Ishqbaaz of course after having the khitkitod Jodi

  69. Chauhan Vaishali said:

    Swabhiman is the best👌 show…
    My meghnal r best😚

  70. Rams said:

    Yhm always rocks..divan chemistry .words cannot express. Only divan matters

  71. reedi reedi said:

    kasam rishi and tanuja loved this couple serial😘😘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😘😘😘😘😘

  72. hager>surbhifc said:

    of curse the best star surbhi chandna and shivika and ishqbaaaz

  73. Sargarika said:

    I’ll definitely go for Zain and Aditi. Their love story is unique, Namkarann is unquie. Both have been brillant in portraying their respective characters. I’ll like their dynamics with each other.

  74. maya said:

    And as far as all the nominees are concerned, it would be amazing if you would add Avni Ayesha in the women empowering part.
    Nevertheless, just hoping that NK wins❤️

  75. Samuel said:

    KRPKAB is the best show ever.. Erica and shaheersheik are the best jodi.. Superb story, love and emotions are carried well.. The finest show..i loved it.they r willing to Got the award.. So i nominate their names..

  76. sraboni Rauth said:

    Shivika & Ishqbaaz is best
    Surbi is best actress
    Nakul is best actor
    Shivika is most popular couple & of course
    Ishqbaaz is the best show

  77. Sanaya said:

    Bakwaasss hai ishqbas hai hi kya us show me bss bhai parivaar ki fight hi dekha te rhete hai kch nai soch lao ishqbas bhtt burana hogaya ye topicc ishqbas just go to hell …avniel is the bestt❤me to ishqbas ki spelling me bhi confirm nhi huh sahi hai yahh galat😂😂kya yrr koi kese itna pgl ho skta haii ki ISHQBAS😂😂 NAAMKARAN IS THE BEST💕❤

  78. Sandya silva said:

    Naamkarann,Aditi and zin are the best.plz star plus don’t make nk go off air.let the current track end.then look.Again it will be in top 10 in no time.cause there are millions of fans out there who are yearning to see them together. Nk deserves the first place.🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  79. reedi reedi said:

    kasam is the best serial in the world 😘😍💘
    i love 😘😘😘tanshi 💘💘💘💘💘

  80. srabonti Roy chowdhury said:

    hey ✋✋✋ I’m sraboni … kratika & shared I love them so very much 😍😍😍… I don’t miss not a single episode of kasam Teri payar ki …

  81. srabonti Roy chowdhury said:

    hey ✋✋✋ I’m sraboni … kratika & shared I love them so very much 😍😍😍… I don’t miss not a single episode of kasam Teri payar ki … love you Tanshi 😘😘😘… always keep smiling because smile ☺☺☺ is looking cute in your face… 💑💑💑

  82. alsaferah said:

    Avneil the best couple
    Zain the best actor
    Aditi the best actress

  83. Kalairani Kannan said:

    Zain and aditi you both are the the best couple, naamkaran team all the best but I’m 100% sure zain and aditi defenetly will going to win I love uuuuu Adiza 😘😘😘😘😘

  84. Sonali Priyadarshini Das said:

    Aditi Rathore &Zain Imam are the best. Avniel are the best couple forever

  85. Janvi Sahu said:

    Aditi Rathore & Zain Imam (Adiza), – best actors… and best onscreen and offscreen jodi ❤ as avneil in Naamkaran- Best popular show !! & the most unique show ever seen…. They deserves all the awards. 😊😊❤ They are love😍❤

  86. Walaa Haimour said:

    Site stuck 😭😭😭we can’t vote 😭😭😭what happened 😭😭😭

  87. Sakshi patil said:

    Aditi & zain { Avneil } r the best
    Namkaran is the best show 😙😘

  88. Nirupama said:

    Tt think you forgot to add aditi rathor aka Avni of naamkarann for…. empowering women…category…she is most deserving…the way she has portrait the Avni’s character….

  89. Pooja said:

    Avneil… 😍😍😍 I am always with you
    Nobody can beat you
    I know you will win
    Beacause you are the best
    All the best

  90. Neelu said:

    Why there is no name of Aditi Rathore in role of empowering women in my view c is the best in her role as a strong woman

  91. Swati k said:

    Always AvNeil my adiza are the bestest actor and actress nd bestest onscreen Jodi nd also namkaran is the best show … 😘😘😍😙😚

  92. Reshma said:

    Zain and aditi this time… They are doing good and deserve to win.. I am trying to vote for them but it is not happening what to do… Common its unfair if the team naamkaran does not anything

  93. Sargarika said:

    Why can’t Namkarann fans vote in the three main categories best actor, best actress and best jodi? And why is it happening only to Namkarann fans? Something needs to be done about this telly tadka, only few days left for voting but we can’t vote. Kindly respond to this.

  94. Kavya sri said:

    Namakaran 💞zain imam nd aditii rathore are rocking😘😘avneil love u so much😍😍i wish they must be win,💞💞💞💞💞

  95. Stiti said:

    Love zain and Aditi
    Avneil, naamkarann 😘😘😍
    Best of all the shows😘
    All the best

  96. avni said:

    Zain and aditi is the best and deserving for their work to entertain and get most deserving love from their fan love u adiza

  97. alsaferah said:

    The best couple avneil
    The best show naamkarann
    The best actor zain imam
    The best actress aditi rathore

  98. Misty said:

    Your comment…Avneil.r bst jodi in over World so to Avneil. Bcoz deserved to Win Naamkaran….

  99. Shaziya shaikh said:

    Namkaren is the best serial avnil chemistry superb adiza jodi best best best zain and aditi best actor dono ki acting and chemistry per fida h hm

  100. Zenny Ahmed said:

    Naamkarann is d bxt show. …luv u zain n aditi. …lotsss of luv n bst wishes to u gyss. …doing a tremendous job in the running episodes. ….u shld win in all the categories …😊😊😊

  101. srinitharaju said:

    Naamkaran….avneil…i.e aditi &zain….is the best couple…..❤❤❤

  102. Piyush Singh said:

    Devakshi (Dev & Sonakshi) No Doubt.. Best Jodi Ever Ever Ever.. Love you.. You guys are awesome.. Shaheer & Erica 💗… The best hit jodi of the year and of Decade 😘😘😘😘😘

  103. Sunitha Palepu said:

    Krpkab is best family show. shaheer and erica showed all values in a family relations

  104. Vanshika said:

    They fully deserve to win these awards.

  105. Aditi Ganguly said:

    Naamkaran is the best show. Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore deserve the awards for best leading actors of the year. Their chem. is unbeatable. Probably the best example of nayi soch.

  106. Thet Myo Aye said:

    Rubina Dailaik & Vivian Dsena Best Actor & Actress
    Best Jodi Hartman & Saumya

  107. Vishal said:

    Kasam is the best show and my all time favorite.Kratika Sengar,Ssharad Malhotra,Amit Tandon,Pranita Pandit,Zuber Khan and all cast and crew are best.

  108. saima rahman said:

    perfect couple avneil,best show naamkarann,best actor/actress zain & aditi

  109. Johnitha Alvares said:

    KRPKAB best show of the year….n Devakshi the best jodi ever on-screen..❤👍😘urll r d best!!!!

  110. Ganga Raj Aishwarya said:

    Adithi and zain avneil are the best Luv u both 💗💗💗💗😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍♥♥♥♥

  111. pranu said:

    Best couple is undoubtedly Avneil😍😍😍 also best actor and actress is zain and aditi [Neil &Avni]😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  112. Nandini said:

    KHuch tang pyar Ke Aise Bhi was the best show is the best show and will always be the best show!!💖💖

  113. Nandini Chandani said:

    #Devakshi #worldsbestshoweverrrrr
    Khuch rang pyar ke Aise Bhi should win all the awards because the deserve it Shaheer and Erica were are and always will be the best on screen Jodi their both phenomena actors so the definetly deserve best actor and actress awards the whole cast is honestly so amazing love it best show

  114. 8355859047 said:

    I love lssqbaaz and most love shivika and surbhi chandna I love surbhi chandna so much

  115. Nandini Chandani said:

    Till date Krpkab has been the best show and will always be,even best is an understatement no words can explain how wonderful the show Khuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is everything about this show is phenomenal the name it self is truly spectacular and means a lot “some colours of love” the songs are outstandingly fantastic the tune the words the meanings they are all truly more precious than even a sapphire diamond it’s really a wonderful gift to have this as a show to watch it’s one of the things that had made me is making and will always make me smile:)it’s a show that will truly make your day in the best way hats off to this show the director the actors and actresses and in fact the whole KRPKAB cast it sure does take a lot of effort to put together such a magical show so thank youuu a a lot and I really think that all this hard work and awesomeness deserves a reward they should win best show Devakshi(Shaheer and Erica) are best on screen Jodi and In fact even in my life if I were to be asked I would say Dev and Sonakshi!! Most empowering women should definitely go to Erica Fernandes!!I loveeee Khuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi sooooooo muchhhhh so please bring back #KRPKAB3💖💖💖

  116. Sameera said:

    Surbhi Chandna & Nakuul Mehta best actress & best actor respectively
    Best Jodi Shivaay Annika
    Best Show Ishqbaaaz

  117. Khushi said:


  118. GhizLan said:

    Best actor : Vivian dsena
    Best Jodi : Haya
    Best show : Shakti

  119. Dsena lover said:

    Vivian Dsena : Best actor ❤❤❤
    Haya: Best Jodi 💑
    Shakti: Best Show😘😘😘

  120. abir djabbari said:

    of course nakuul mehta and surbhi chandna for ishqbaaz ( vote for shivika please !!!!! <3 )

  121. Ansari tahrim said:

    Best actor: Shaheer sheik
    Best actress : Erica Fernandes
    Best Jodi: devakshi
    Best show: kuch rang pyaar Ke aise bhi

  122. Avniel adiza said:

    Aditi aka avni ..zain aka neil …and namkaran is superb drama and worlds best drama and jodi of 2017 and 2018… u avniel😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  123. amnaah khan said:

    All shows are best but our swabhiman is bestest swabhiman is inspiration for allof us nairan is our jaan when they r together they broke all records meghnal is also lovely couple swabhiman deserves a second chance and we all do anything for our lovely and most inspirational swabhiman anridh, nairan deserves all things that people don’t gave them meghnal means a lot for us loveable and cutie pie ankitta sharma deserves best popular female actress award and our rock star sweetie samridh bawa deserves best popular male actor award and best couple award deserves our meghnal or nairan and aimed to empowering women award deserves our prachee shah and most loved,popular and entertaining show award deserves swabhiman

  124. Shreya mondal said:

    Ankitta as naina ,samridh as karan
    Sangeeta as meghna , sahil as kunal

  125. ARIFA said:

    Adiza is the best in the all TV industry in the world💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  126. Sanaya Mehrotra said:

    Shivika, ishqbaaz, nakul and surbhi chandna r the best. Vote for them.

  127. neha gupta said:

    Best actor nakul mehta Best actress surbhi chandna Best show ishqbaaz Best jodi anika shivaay

  128. Ananya said:

    Best actor is zain imam best actress is Aditi rathore best jodi ever is AvNiel and the best show is Naamkarann