Film Based Article – Some Awkward Moments When Actors Felt Embarrassed

We all have our awkward moments in our life. They are always stuck in our mind and are projected at times. But what about the actors who we think has a perfect life? Do they have their awkward moments? Are they willing to share that? Yes. Everyone had those moments which made them what they are now because you earn experiences from them. So let’s see what our favorite actor’s embarrassing awkward moments are.

Salman Khan:

Once, in my old audition, even before I did ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ i had auditioned for a movie which had dance as a pivotal element in it. So, there were many complicated and difficult steps which I had to perform. I had to seek help from Saroj khan. She taught me a well-choreographed segment of the dance required for the audition. But later, when I gave the audition, I royally screwed up with the dancing part. It was so bad that even Saroj khan left the audition center. I got rejected. Later, due to that incident, I couldn’t perform well for many such auctions. I count that moment as a most embarrassing moment of my career.

Deepika Padukone:

I always considered Amitabh Bachchan as a father figure and I respect him a lot. After the movie Piku, our bond was increased. My birthday was there some days after the release of Piku. I totally forgot to invite Amitabhji on my birthday. When the media asked him, that why didn’t you attend Deepika’s birthday. Amitabhji smiled and replied, “ I wasn’t invited.” After hearing the news I feel so ashamed of myself that I how could I forget to invite Amitji. I immediately called him and apologized to him. He being a very jolly person told me not to worry about it, it happens. And then he wished me Belated happy birthday as well.

Katrina Kaif:

I was shooting for Namastey London with Akshay Kumar. I had to slap him in one of the scenes. I was very skeptical to do that. Hence, we had to do a lot of retakes for that particular scene in which I had to slap him. Finally, when I slapped him a little harder, the seen got okay. Later on, when I went to apologize to Akshay he started laughing. He said that I should have slapped him harder in the first time only so that he would not have to bear with all my slaps during the retakes. I felt very embarrassed and could not even look into his eyes. However, Akshay said that there was nothing to worry about since these things were a part of filmmaking.

Akshay Kumar:

I was born and brought up in Delhi. Hence, I did not know to speak or understand Marathi. During my struggling days, I use to travel in a bus. It was one of those days when there was a lot of rush on the bus I was in and the conductor of the bus was repeatedly saying something in Marathi. He was constantly saying to move ahead in Marathi. Since I didn’t know Marathi, I could not understand what he was trying to say and I did not move from my place at all. After some time the conductor came to me and told me a few things in Marathi. I could not understand anything that he was saying. Until a fellow passenger understood that I could not understand Marathi and translated the things that the conductor was trying to tell me. I felt so embarrassed in this situation as the full bus was looking at me. The very next thing that I did after this incident was to learn Marathi.

Sonakshi Sinha:

We all face embarrassing situations in our life and so have I. When I was fat, people would call me names and would make fun of my weight. I use to feel very embarrassed. This was a very personal thing. Once when I was shooting at the film city. I went out for some time to do some work and when I came back, I unknowingly entered a different set. I felt that it was my set but actually a different movie was being shot over there. The people on the set were surprised to see me there. I noticed that the people here were new and realized that I had entered the wrong set. I went to the director and apologized to which he said that he was happy to see me. I ran off from the set as the people would think that I am so absent minded that I entered the wrong set. This was the most embarrassing situation for me.


It will not be wrong to say that, today all the actors are all-rounders. They look good, dance and act very well. But in our time, this was not the case. In our time there were a lot of actors who could not dance and I was one of them. During the shoot of Pratigya, when my choreographer started to teach me the steps, I danced so bad that my choreographer’s head started to pain and all the other people were tensed to see me dance like that. I tried my best to learn the dance moves but I could not. Myself, the director and the producer were very much tensed. I felt like crying because I could not even learn one step. I felt like crying as I was afraid that I could not dance which was very important for the film. Then my dance choreographer came to me and told that this was the final shot and I could dance however I could manage to, as they will consider this shot as the final one. When I danced, the whole unit started to laugh. This song was Yamla Pagla Deewana. When I saw the take I laughed at myself as I danced so bad. But little did I know that the audience would like that dance and those steps would become my signature steps. Even today, people get very happy to see me dance on that song.

Jacqueline Fernandez:

As we all know that there are many awkward situations in our life and we try our best to escape them but the most awkward situation that I had ever faced was when I was shooting with Salman Khan in the movie Kick. We were shooting for the song, Jumme ki raat hai Chumme ki Baat hai. While I was dancing on the dance floor I slipped and fell down. Since I was a professional dancer, I felt ashamed for the fact that I fell. But as soon as I fell down, the entire unit came to help me. Eventually, I realized that I had injured my leg and my waist. When the pain intensified I felt like crying. I was afraid that I will make a fool of myself if I cried in front of the whole unit. However, I tried t control my emotions. When the unit helped me to get back to my makeup room, I felt terribly awkward.

Sanjay Dutt:

Unknowingly, in my life, I have done certain things because of which I feel quite ashamed. In the beginning of my career, I was into drugs. My father would be very sad to see me in that state. During those time I would constantly see sadness on my father’s face. Irrespective of his sadness, he would still come up to me with a smiling face and would love me very much. After some time, I felt helpless and wished that I could leave my addiction of drugs and love my father but I was not able to control my urge for drugs. One day I gathered strength and went up to my dad and told him that I want to quit drugs. He immediately helped me and took me to a doctor and I was successful in quitting drugs. Similarly, when I was in jail, my sisters came to meet me during Raksha Bandhan. That time I felt ashamed as because of me, my sisters had to go through the humiliation and also visit a jail. I felt very embarrassed but at the same time, I felt very lucky to have such loving sisters by my side.

Interviewed By – Arti Saxena