‘I feel happy when thousands of people come outside my bungalow to wish me on my birthday’ – Shah Rukh Khan

Birthdays are special and if it’s a celebrity like Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday then celebrations are more special. Thousands of fans thronged Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow on November 2 and waited for hours just to glimpse of the star. We greeted the superstar on his birthday…

Q) How special is your birthday for you and how did your family wish you?

My family always wishes the way they do but AbRam was saying something like ‘happy birthday, birthday boy’. I know of many people who share my birthday but for AbRam it’s only his dad’s birthday on this day and he was very happy for me!

Q) What was AbRam’s reaction on seeing the crowds outside your home?

AbRam was telling Aryan (his elder son) that so many people come to meet me because I am a hit! And I am a hit because I am handsome! He is not concerned about my career, because according to him I am a hit because I am handsome.

Q) Any birthday gift that is very dear to you?

No one gives me expensive gifts because people believe that I have everything and I don’t need anything. Once someone gave me a ‘taaveez’ on which he had arduously worked and written his feelings. I cherish that and still have it with me.

Q) Any exciting gift you got on this birthday?

I got lots of gifts but did not have the time to open them. But on social sites girls have sent me very cute and naughty messages which I enjoyed reading and laughing over! My manager Pooja has made a file and I wanted to bring it to show it to the media but I couldn’t. Next time I promise to bring them and show what these young girls have written.

Q) Any birthday party you had after becoming a star that is very memorable to you?

Yes I remember a birthday when Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) came with his family and so did Sridevi with her family besides several other people from the industry. I was thrilled thinking that I had become a star. I was so happy I came to drop every person at the gate when they were leaving. That day realization set in that I was special!

Q) What do you ask God on your birthday?

Even my mother-in-law asked me the same question. I told her that my wish changes with time. Today I pray that my children are always happy and successful in their lives and remain healthy. I also ask God to keep me healthy because in the last few years there have been a spate of illnesses and injuries.

Q) You hardly look 52! What is the secret of your young looks?

As actors we have to look good for which we work very hard. Our fans come to watch our films because we look good on screen, if we don’t; nobody will come to watch us. I have friends of the same age who have a paunch and are balding because they don’t have to worry about their looks. They eat, drink and make merry.

Q) In your 25 years in the industry which film has left an impact?

Many people told me that they were crying during Om Shanti Om and some couples told me they got married after watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayege. So yes films do leave an impact.

Q) Will the fast growing web series and online content affect films?

I think cinema will always be there. Like we go to school, college, fall in love etc. films are part of our lives and will always be so!

Q) When did you realize that you have become a superstar?

Not a superstar but yes I had realized I had become a star when I was shooting in Film City Studios in Mumbai one day. A group of about 25 people came to meet me. I came to know that my film Kuch Luch Hota Hai had become so popular that the people who sold tickets in black had a field day and they came to thank me with chocolates and bouquets!

Q) If you were to be reborn would you like to be born as Shah Rukh Khan again?

(laughingly) Let me die first!

Well we certainly hope not. May you leave a very long, healthy and happy life Shah Rukh. God Bless

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena