Fans Wishing For The Return Of KaSh: Karan Singh Grover & Shilpa Anand

Rumours galore!

Shows going off air, new projects in pipeline, contract signing, cast finalization everything is happening. The latest and most anticipated rumor is of Karan Singh Grover’s possible return to TV. Since his exit from his last show, fans have been waiting for some news of his possible comeback but were disappointed.

Now the news doing the rounds is his possibly joining hands with Gul Khan 4lions Films for their upcoming show for Star Plus. No one has confirmed anything yet but the rumor mills are working overtime.

Fans are waiting to see their favorite actor onscreen again. We saw fans active on social media in support of KSG during his exit from his previous show and also now when news of his possible return to tv is making rounds. But another fangroup who has been extremely active on social network supporting their favorite, is Karan and Shilpa fans, popularly known as KaSh fans.

As news of KSG signing new show came out with female lead still undecided demands from KaSh fans have started to inundate Channels and Production house. Even media sites like ourselves have been targeted to forward their requests to channels.

Karan and Shilpa were last seen together seven years back, in the popular Star One show Dill Mill Gayye. It would not be wrong to say that Karan and Shilpa are still remembered as the face of DMG. Their impeccable timing and sizzling chemistry have marked their fans forever. Even to date in TT very own opinion poll we asked fans with whom Karan Singh Grover shared the most amazing chemistry. The options were Surbhi Jyoti, Sukriti, Jennifer Winget and Shilpa Anand. With a clear majority fans chose Shilpa Anand!

Not only onscreen but the actors had an amazing offscreen rapport during DMG days. Its been disappointing for fans of this amazing onscreen couple to have not seen two such amazing actors working together. But maybe fate is going to intervene as both the actors are not actively involved in any project and with possible talks of new shows coming up we and the fans are waiting to see if one of the most sizzling and wanted jodi’s of Indian television manage a comeback.

If they do it would be no doubt be a coup de grace for 4lion Films and Gul Khan. With such an amazing lead pair the show would be destined for greatness. So the fans are waiting and demanding.
We at Telly Tadka are wishing the KaSh fans best of luck. Go team KaSh!!

Amani Moazzam

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  1. Divya said:

    Thank you so much TT for this article pls convey KaShians request to star plus plsss

  2. Shweta Malhotra said:

    Thank you for this
    Want KaSh back now aur intzaar nahi hota :'(

  3. shweta said:

    Thank You So Much For The Article
    We Are Eagerly Waiting To See Karan And Shilpa Back On Screen
    Hope The Come Back Sooonish

  4. Grace said:

    OMG! Thank you so much for the article. YES YES I want to see Karan & Shilpa back together on same screen. Hopefully this year. I miss KaSh so much. Is anyone listening? :( get us KaSh. Aww beautiful article.

  5. Riddi KaShians said:

    Thank you TT for the rocking Article .. u made our day n hopeful KaSh come back soon …:)

  6. Karan said:

    Thanks a ton Tellytadka for the Article :) :)
    Waiting to see them together <3

  7. Priya said:

    Thank a ton for this KaSh article , KaSh rocks n fans really want this jodi back pls pass our msg to ph n channel.

  8. Tammy said:

    Thank you for the article. Many are waiting for the return of KaSh. Please do pass this onto relevant people:)

  9. Pooja said:

    Thank you for this beautiful article on KaSh.
    Most wanted n demanding jodi ever
    Deying to see them together pls keep forwards of requests ..thank you again

  10. Tanja said:

    Thank you TT for this article! We really hope we can see them together onscreen and that Gul Madam and Star Plus Team are working on that

  11. karan said:

    KaSh is most lovable couple in whole world n had magical chemistry Fans r waiting for them from long hope the day come soon….Thank u a ton for this article u TT

  12. Pooja said:

    Thank you very very much for the article …loved it u guys made our day …..deying to see both r them together ..hope the day come very very soon

  13. Gurpreet said:

    Superb Article very well write as well ..totally loved it …voice of fans …..its feel soo good …thanks TT for this ….pls pass this article to all members voice our demands to them ..thanks again

  14. DD said:

    Awwwww beautiful article
    Thank you so much TT its really good to that even after 6 year KaSh is wanted n fans want them back would love to see these 2 together
    I am sure ab bhi dono ko shooting shooting khelne mai bhut mazza aayega LOL

  15. silky said:

    thanxx for thd article
    we want kash back plzz forward our request to production house gul maam ksg n shilpa anand

  16. silky said:

    we want kash back.
    we want kash back.
    we want kash back.
    we want kash back.

  17. silky said:

    we want kash
    we want kash
    we want kash
    we want kash

  18. priya said:

    despratly want our KaSh back thnx alot TT for such a nice artcle hope star plus n Gul khan are listng plz kash plz cmbck we r mssng u lik hell ….

  19. malini debbarma said:

    Omg my dreams cme true..karan n shilpa..bst of luck …luv u shilpa n karan plz cme bk..

  20. shabbir shariff said:

    We love kash… We r eagerly waiting to see these two together again plz get them back….

  21. snow said:

    thank u for dis article…

    yes v want kash back …love them a lot…miss them a lot…plz start DMG 3…with kash as lead role….waiting to c them again together

  22. mitesh said:

    we want kash back we miss them very badly plz plz come back :'(

  23. Anoushka said:

    Well the only reason why I used to watch DMG was because of them :’)
    they were an awesomesauce together back then and would be more amazing if they get featured in this new show!

    Well KASH is an amazing pair, and haha why wouldn’t it be?
    Because its the chemistry and the bond which matters, which they have built up long ago ;)


  24. Manisha Shetty said:

    Extremely happy for Karan’s happiness.
    Wishing & Hoping to see KaSh come back.
    Love u & miss u Shilpa Anand.
    Pls. request for both karan & Shilpa to come back with a new TV Show.

    • Saniya said:

      Yes I want kash back i love u very very much plz plz come back with DMG 3 with old gang AR(kash),RaMu,AAnji, kishu, show band hue kal pure 9 years ho gaye bt I still watch the show ,see each and every episode 5to 6 time I love DMG kash and kajen always i never forget them. Happy 9years aniversary to DMG always rox