*Expression Queens* – 7 Actresses who emote and express amazingly well!!!

As an actor the performance delivered by him/her should be relatable to the viewers. A successful actor is one who is able to make us – the viewers believe what the character they are essaying in a series or movie feels. While dialogues helps an actor to enhance his/her performance there are some actors who are able to breath life into the character they play without words. They do it with simply their expressions. Facial expression – especially expressing and emoting though the eyes is a talent that only a few are blessed with.

Madhuri Dixit or Kajol anyone? Perfectionist Aamir Khan and even King Khan SRK are few of the actors who has managed to perfect the art of expressing through their eyes and facial expressions both subtly and strongly. But who are the actors who have aced this art when it comes to the Hindi Television Series?

Today we bring a list of the 7 actresses who can emote and express exceedingly well on screen; those who emote so well that they make you cry, laugh and be filled with fury with them.

The 7 expression queens currently ruling the Indian Television Scenario are –

Divyanka Tripathi (Currently seen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

Divyanaka Tripathi …. where does one start with this gorgeous and amazingly talented actress. Be it her portrayal of Ishita Iyer, Ishima or Ishita Raman Bhalla; Divyanka has breathed life into each one of these various facets of ‘Ishita’ as well as other characters she essayed in the show namely – Ishita’s look alike Shanaya and even Shagun Arora – remember the bhoot track ? The range of her ‘expressions’ is indescribable because that is how good she is. In fact good is an understatement when it comes to this amazing actress. It has been 4 years since YHM first aired but even today Ishita or rather Ishima is the audience’ beloved. With the gift of making viewers fall in love with her episode after episode this actress is undoubtedly one of the most expressive actresses we have today.

Jennifer Winget (Currently seen in Beyhadh)

Ever thought the cute and bubbly Jennifer Winget will be able to pull off a devious, manipulative and evil character such as Maya Mehrotra, and that too with such flair and panche? Having essayed characters who can make sacrifices for her loved ones at the drop of a hat, it truly was and still is shockingly surprising to see Jenny play the obsessive lover who does not even hesitate to commit murder when it comes to her man. Throughout the series Jennifer has redefined the character of Maya; binging forth more and more facets of her character and in a way that will leave you speechless. But what makes it really interesting is that all her expressions be it her obsession, fear, manipulative nature, insanity streaks etc are on point and is done by keeping that cute-innocent face intact. Kinda makes Maya all the more dangerous and Jennifer one of the most interestingly expressive actresses out there.

Pankhuri Awasthy (Currently seen in Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka)

Playing a rape survivor onscreen is no easy feat. It is highly challenging and emotionally draining. But Pankhuri Awasthy has managed to achieve this feat and touch the hearts of thousands of viewers with her portrayal of Amla. Even though it is just acting, one can only imagine how uncomfortable and taxing things can get for any woman essaying a character such as this where people try to grab you or pin you down or make you relive your horrifying past. But the conviction and skill with which Pankhuri portrays what rape victims go through, and the trials and tribulations that they face clearly shows that she is giving her 200% to forth a heart-touching performance. The transitions in her character has been unbelievable and what makes you feel strongly for Amla is the way Pankhuri expresses Amla’s feelings. Undoubtedly one of the most talented and expressive young actresses we have today.

Pooja Sharma (Currently seen in Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai)

She took our television screens by storm in 2013 when she skillfully essayed the role of Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat. It would be an understatement to say that Pooja Sharma’s come back was one of the most anticipated come backs on Television. Well she did make a come back and what a mind-blowing come back it was. As Devi Parvati and her various avatars especially Mahakali; Pooja has left the viewers in complete awe of her performance and her caliber as an actor. Because the weekend series showcases a never before seen side of Devi Parvati, and tales related to her various avatars Pooja is seen giving first-rate performance. With a beautiful pair of eyes which expresses every feeling and emotion her character feels; the lovely actress aces in currently her scenes as Devi Parvati who is on a journey of self-discovery. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to even say that it is Pooja’s performance that makes the show which is highly fictionalized worth watching.

Ridhi Dogra Vashisht (Currently see in Woh Apna Sa)

The one word that comes to my mind when I see Nisha is ‘Mysterious’ because that is how Ridhi Dogra Vashisht essays this character. There is always an air of uncertainty around Nisha and it is all Ridhi’s doing. Not everybody can successfully pull of a grey shaded character but Ridhi does it with such elan that you love to hate her. You don’t want Nisha to succeed in her evil ways but you are curious to know what she has planned. One of the initial promos where she lets go of an old man’s hand right in the middle of the road and stands by watching the whole thing with a bored expression on her face is what sealed the deal for the viewers. That scene alone proves why Ridhi is the best person to play this character. It is an absolute treat to watch her keep a straight-face or a bored expression while playing Nisha because when that mask come off you get to see a woman who is hard to figure and Ridhi plays that with utmost finesse.

Sriti Jha (Currently seen in Kumkum Bhagya)

Pragya, Pragya 2.0 or Munni; Sriti has played each one of these roles with the mastery of a seasoned actress. If viewers have loved her as Abhi’s sweet and innocent chashmish, they have also loved her as the badass Pragya 2.0 who came to rule the Mehra House. Seeing Sriti on screen would remind one of a chameleon, and this is said in the nicest way possible because that is how well she slips in and out of a character. With each character her body language, facial expression, the way she emotes, the way her eyes speaks changes, and she does it with such ease that it is a treat to watch. If essaying Pragya isn’t enough of a testimony to prove what an expressive actress Sriti is; just think about the sheer brilliance she was when playing an abused wife in Saubhagyavati Bhava and the out and out Tapori in Raktsambhand.

Kratika Sengar (Currently seen in Kasam)

For a person who never wanted to be an actor, Kratika Sengar surely is one of the best actors we have in the Hindi Television Industry. Her portrayal of Tanuja in Kasam is relatable simply because she makes one believe that she’s actually going through whatever the character is going through. She is one of the few actresses who can look at the camera impactfully and has changed the meaning of the conventional television soap actress with her effective acting. When it comes to emoting on camera the actress stuns you with her range of expressions.

So who is your favorite expressive leading lady?

Author: Vijitha Rajan


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