*Exclusive Interview* Zayed Khan says ‘Shooting for television is tougher than films’

Zayed Khan who has acted in films like Main Hoon Na and Blue, makes his debut on television with the romantic thriller Haasil. Here he talks about the show and the switch from films to television

Q) Zayed what attracted you to the serial Haasil?

If you want to know the truth I had never thought that I will be doing television even though my friend Siddharth Malhotra who is the producer of Haasil was very sure that he would make to do it. I think he saw that I could be perfect to play Ranvir Raichand. I said yes as soon as I heard the narration and what the treatment of the show would be like. All the characters were interesting and were roles any actor would give his right arm to play. I am glad I said yes because I am enjoying working in the serial and I am sure the viewers are enjoying the show .

Q) Your father Sanjay Khan is a television producer and director. What was his reaction when you told him that you are doing this serial?

Yes my dad is known television personality. Like me he gives importance to a good script and treatment. He liked the promos, songs and everything about the show.

Q) According to you what is more demanding, films or television?

Definitely television. One has to be much disciplined because of the long hours of work and the running time of the shows.

Q) How has the experience of shooting for the show, and how difficult was it for you to make the shift from movies to television?

First of all you must understand that for television you have to be on your feet all the time. For four years I had not worked, either in films, or television that’s why it was a little difficult initially. But once I became involved I realized that TV is tougher. To give your 100 per cent you have to be very professional. To give depth to your character as an actor you have to know what nuances to give and what not to. With inputs from all technicians I have brought my character to life.

Q) How was it playing Ranvir Raichand?

Ranvir Raichand is this crazy business tycoon. He is a personality that every person likes to be like and at times not. He is cool, smart and interesting. He takes a lot of risks but whichever risks he takes he wins. I have rarely met a personality like him.

Q) There is a lot of talk about your bonding with Vatsal Seth. Were you friends before you worked in the serial?

I have known Vatsal for a long time now. I call him Vatty. We started our careers together. He is a very calm and composed man and a talented actor. It was nice to have him as a costar and very easy to play brothers. In fact we are like brothers in real life and he inspires me to perform better.

Q) Do you recall any memorable moments of the shoot?

There were several memorable moments and most were when we were shooting in Mauritius. We have put several pictures on Instagram which shows that we had a blast there.

Q) Is it true that the serial has been shot mostly outdoors and no sets were constructed?

Yes Haasil has been shot mostly outdoors because of the wide canvas. We shot in Mauritius, Mumbai and there are some other locations on the cards. The idea is that the show should be a visual delight. It’s being shot like a movie and Siddharth should be praised for that. It’s not easy to shoot outdoors but that was the demand of the script.

Q) Is the show a romantic thriller or a family drama?

Haasil is a thriller drama packed with romance. The more I tell you about the serial the more you will want to know. So I would rather the viewers enjoy the serial by watching it! The best part is that the show is not stretched unnecessarily and will wrap up after 26 episodes!

Interviewed By : Arti Saxena