Exclusive!!! “What is gone is gone!!! ” says Niti Taylor in TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties!!!

Niti Taylor: Soft and dance numbers

Telly Tadka: A song you are humming these days
Niti Taylor: Songs from Gabbar (2015)

Telly Tadka: Favorite Holiday Destination.
Niti Taylor: Bali, Hawaii

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Clothing.
Niti Taylor: Jeans and T-shirt

Telly Tadka: Favorite Brands (Clothing).
Niti Taylor: Guess, Burberry and Zara

Telly Tadka: The Color that defines you.
Niti Taylor: Pink ! Cute


Telly Tadka: Your best feature.
Niti Taylor: Lips

Telly Tadka: Your best buy till date.
Niti Taylor: My SMURFY… my dog

Telly Tadka: Your Treasures (Most Cherished Person/Thing)
Niti Taylor: My parents

Telly Tadka: Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Niti Taylor: My family

Telly Tadka: Your Friends/BFF’s in the Industry and otherwise.
Niti Taylor: In the industry – Utkarsh, Dishank, Charlie, Krissan, Veebha and outside of the industry Barsha, Asra and Rinee

Telly Tadka: Your Confidante.
Niti Taylor: When I have someone by my side

Telly Tadka: Best ever received compliment.
Niti Taylor: You perform well.


Telly Tadka: Complete the sentence LIFE IS _ _ _
Niti Taylor: ‘Upside down’

Telly Tadka: A one liner U always use
Niti Taylor: ohhhhhh sooooo cuteeee

Telly Tadka: A moment in life you want to relive again.
Niti Taylor: What is gone is gone ! Always think about what’s gonna happen next

Telly Tadka: Given a chance what would you change about yourself?
Niti Taylor: Trusting anyone and everybody

Telly Tadka: 5 Years from now you are…
I never plan my future ! So I don’t know. Time will tell

Telly Tadka: Message for all your fans all over the Globe.
Thankyou so much for always supporting me and loving me. It’s because of you all I am here so Thankyou all so much

Telly Tadka: Thankyou so much Niti for taking out the time and doing the segment with us.
Niti Taylor: :-)

Interviewed : Muniza Riaz
Edited By : Vijitha Rajan

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