EXCLUSIVE!!! “My Family is both my Strength and my Weakness ” – Sonarika Bhadoria answers TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties!

TellyTadka is back with “TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties” and this time it’s the gorgeous and very talented actress Sonarika Bhadoria who essayed the role of the powerful Hindu deity Goddess Parvati in Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev gracing our segment.

Though Sonarika’s debut show was Tum Dena Mera Sath (Life OK) it was her portrayal of Adishakti in TV’s most popular mythological series Devon Ke Dev that made her a household name and won her fans all over the globe.

TellyTadka got in touch with Aasiya and requested her to be a part of TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties, the lovely actress obliged and here we have today Exclusive Sonarika Bhadoria on TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties!!!

It was wonderful interviewing Ms. Bhadoria and she definitely added to the glory of TT’s Tadkedaar Twenties with her fun answers!!!

TT: Hi Sonarika, Thanks a lot for agreeing to do our Slam Book Section.
Sonarika: No issues at all, my pleasure :-)

Telly Tadka: Your Nickname
Sonarika Bhadoria: Summy 2

Telly Tadka: Describe yourself in 3 Words
Sonarika Bhadoria: Loving, Peaceful and Happy

Telly Tadka: Favorite Food
Sonarika Bhadoria: Chocolates and Ice creams.

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Music
Sonarika Bhadoria: Soft romantic music.

Telly Tadka: A song you are humming these days.
Sonarika Bhadoria: Mads Langer’s “Fact Fiction”

Telly Tadka: Favorite Holiday Destination.
Sonarika Bhadoria: Where ever my loved ones are, it could also be my room.

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Cloth.
Sonarika Bhadoria: I am most comfortable in shorts I always wear them!1

Telly Tadka: Favorite Brands (Clothing).
Sonarika Bhadoria: : Zara, Mango, Forever New, Forever 21, Aldo…. these days I mostly shop online, but sometimes I love street shopping too.

Telly Tadka: The Color that defines you.
Sonarika Bhadoria: White.

Telly Tadka: Your best feature.
Sonarika Bhadoria: My Heart

Telly Tadka: Your best buy till date.
Sonarika Bhadoria: My Gucci bag.

Telly Tadka: Your Treasures (Most Cherished Person/Thing)
Sonarika Bhadoria: My Family

Telly Tadka: Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Sonarika Bhadoria: My Family is both my Strength and my Weakness

Telly Tadka: Your friends/BFF’s in the Industry and otherwise.
Sonarika Bhadoria: From the industry I have only one BFF my Ex Co-star Ankit Narang; other than him I have 3 BFF’s who are not from the Industry.

Telly Tadka: Your Confidante.
Sonarika Bhadoria: My Mom

Telly Tadka: Best ever received compliment.
Sonarika Bhadoria: That I define positivity and bring happiness

Telly Tadka: Complete the sentence LIFE IS _ _ _
Sonarika Bhadoria: Love

Telly Tadka: A one liner U always use
Sonarika Bhadoria: I have a habit of using “kaddu” in almost every sentence; ever since I was I guess 9 I think! So yeah…people around me love it.

Telly Tadka: A moment in life you want to relive again.
Sonarika Bhadoria: Although it won’t be reliving exactly, I would give up anything in the world to see the tears of joy in my parent’s eyes when I was born; to know how it felt and cry with them.

Telly Tadka: Given a chance what would you change about yourself?
Sonarika Bhadoria: My bad temper.

Telly Tadka: Message for all your fans all over the Globe.
Sonarika Bhadoria: I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such lovely souls who love me unconditionally and they have all been there no matter what, even when I am not doing anything at the moment, they still make sure to be by my side and I can never truly thank them for this

Telly Tadka: 5 Years from now you are
Sonarika Bhadoria: I believe in present and I believe in going with the flow. I am always happy in every phase of my life, contend with everything I have. I don’t expect anything and I feel that is the beauty of life. What is the point of expecting something and then getting it? At the same time if you expect and you don’t get it you are sad and disheartened! So yeah! Its best to b content with whatever u have and trust me when you live like that then each day feels like a birthday gift, a blessing

Thankyou so much Sonarik; for taking out the time and doing the segment with us.
Sonarika Bhadoria: Thankyou.

Interviewed By: Vijitha Rajan

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