Three Reasons We Are Excited for And Tv’s Show Chupke Chupke

And TV’s has been launching a lot of new shows and some of them have been able to garner the viewers attention the most. Well the upcoming show Chupke Chupke has also managed to grab our eyeballs. The promo is different from whatever we have seen till now and well it gives a glimpse of something totally different and that too with a quirky take.

And TV’s new show Chupke Chupke brings a light take on contract marriage and stars Mohit Malhotra and Prithvi Hatte in lead roles. The story revolves around two individuals Meera and Abhishek, who meet and try to convert their relation into a contract marriage, only to keep up their family expectations. Meera, who is a smart, educated and independent girl, who wants to live life on her terms. She wants to avoid marriage and focus on her career. Abhishek, a guy similar to Meera also career oriented and determined person. He wants to keep his family happy, but not at the cost of sacrificing his own happiness. He does not want to face marriage complications. They don’t want to get into a live-in relationship, and instead opt for a feasible contract marriage. Meera and Abhishek sign the marriage deal, without expecting any togetherness or mutual feelings for each other in near future. Destiny ties the couple together in a lovely bond.

Now the twist in the tale is that although this is said as a contract based marriage the promos shows how the couple does care of each other unlike what we have seen before.

We bring top 3 reasons why we look forward to this show.

THE SHAADI HAS SOME ‘LOCHA’: The promos have made it clear that it is going to be a contract marriage and there are clauses and everything Is settled. But well it will definitely not be as easy as it sounds. The thing that we look most forward to is the fact that how and why will the couple agree for this not so normal conditions in a normal marriage.

THE CHEMISTRY: The chemistry of the couple is another thing to watch out for. IN the promos we have already seen the understanding between them and the blushes after interactions not to forget the little fights. It does look like there is going to be so much more in their love story.

ONE OF A KIND STORY: In the past we definitely have seen shows that have incorporate the concept of contract marriage but for the first time we are seeing a show that is solely going to be based on the base of contract marriage. This is not just exciting but intriguing as well.

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Author: Shreya.P