‘Even as ordinary citizens we should raise our voice against atrocities’ – Sonia Balani

Sonia Balani who is playing a nosy investigator in Zee TVs Detective Didi tells us why she took up this challenging role after a gap of two years, her concern for crimes against women and more

Q) How would you describe your character, Bunty, in Detective Didi?
Sonia Balani: Bunty Jasoos is an ordinary girl playing a detective. She is fearless, and determined to wipe off all crime. Bunty who is very aware of all that is happening around her, uses her intelligence and sharp mind to solve criminal cases. She cannot bear to see anyone being subjected to any injustice and cannot tolerate wrong doing, the reason she decided to become a detective. She gets restless when she hears of any crime and goes all out to investigate and nail the culprit. Bunty has not had any training in the field but her sharp mind is what helps her tackle cases. The character has many shades and I am enjoying playing it.

Q) You have done several television serials earlier like Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Tu Mera Hero but there has been a two year gap since your last serial.
SB: Yes and I have received a good response from viewers for my serials. There is no particular reason for the gap. I had been working for a long time and then I was also waiting for a good offer, hence the break. The role I was looking for came now, as Bunty in Detective Didi which was so unique. It has given me scope to display my acting skills!

Q) Personally do you relate to Detective Didi?
SB: I relate to Bunty because like her I cannot take any kind of nonsense and atrocities and I stand up against it. I believe that if we are alert big disasters can be averted. And we don’t need to be detectives, even as ordinary citizens we should raise our voices against any wrong especially against women.

Q) What has been the reaction to a female playing a detective, as it’s not a common profession for women?
SB: The overall reaction has been good and many people have come up to say that I am doing a good job of playing Bunty. Girls are taking up all sorts of careers today, so why not a detective? It’s an interesting and fulfilling career.

Q) What did you do during your two year break?
SB: The break was very rejuvenating! I did the film Tum Bin 2 and I shot for Nikkhil Advani’s Baazaar which is now ready for release. In Baazaar I am opposite Rohan Mehra, the late Vinod Mehra’s son. I also did some print ad campaigns, learnt dance, gymnastics and traveled a lot. Now I am focusing both on television and films.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena