‘I eat mithai to my heart’s content on Diwali’ – Deepika Padukone *Diwali Special*

How do stars celebrate Diwali? Get to know the details of how the stunning Deepika Padukone celebrates the festival of lights

Q) What do you enjoy doing most on Diwali?

Diwali is the time I can give vent to my creative side. I love decorating my house, lighting diyas in the entire house, buying new things etc.

Q) What about playing cards which is a tradition on Diwali?

To tell you the truth I don’t know how to play cards but I do burst a lot of crackers!

Q) Can you tell us about your most memorable Diwali?

Yes, I remember one year when I could not go home to Bengaluru because of work commitments and I was quite disheartened. But my parents decided to give me a surprise and landed in Mumbai. I was so happy to see them that I started crying.

Q) If there was a film shoot on Diwali, would you go for it?

I don’t think that will happen because no one in the film industry shoots on Diwali. They all celebrate the festival with full fervor and don’t work.

Q) Do you like to gorge on sweets on Diwali?

Yes, I love to feast on my favourite sweets on Diwali and there are no dietary restrictions on that day. I eat to my heart’s content!

Q) How different is celebrating Diwali now when you are a star, and earlier as an ordinary girl?

After I became an actor I get warm wishes, cards, gifts from all my fans besides industry folks! Earlier it used to be wishes and partying with family and friends only. But both are significant for me. That time I used to thoroughly enjoy myself during Diwali and now also I have a blast!

Q) Do you like to wear Western clothes or go traditional on Diwali?

I try to wear a designer salwar kurta or a saree on Diwali but if I get a special designer gown to wear I would definitely prefer that!

Q) And what kind of jewelry do you like to wear on this festival?

That depends on the dress. If I wear a gown I would wear a diamond or platinum set and if I wear a saree a kundan set or stones set in gold would match. If I wear a salwar kurta then I will wear the jewelry accordingly


Q) Do you do any kind charity during Diwali?

I don’t like to talk about charity work. I believe if you are helping someone then it is best not to talk about it. I always wish that every person celebrates the festival happily and no one is sad or unhappy on this day.

Q) What would you like to say to your fans on Diwali?

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very, very happy Diwali. Have a safe Diwali and stay away from dangerous crackers, pray to Goddess Lakshmi and have a great year ahead!

Interviwed by : Arti Saxena