‘I eat ice creams, cake and rasgulla once a week’ – Shilpa Shetty

She’s svelte and sexy! But even the gorgeous Shilpa Shetty like her dose of ‘sinful’ food! The actress shares some secrets

Q) Every actor is trying to prove his or her acting prowess doing challenging roles, but you seem to be content away from films?

See, if I get good work even I will do a film. Anyways I have done enough work in films and I am not really dying to do them.

Q) But if you get an interesting offer will you take it up?

Yes of course! I am an actress and always crave for a challenging role.

Q) Looking back at your films, which is that one which you thoroughly enjoyed doing?

I have done several films like Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anadi which are memorable but my favorite is Dhadkan because it gave me satisfaction as an actor and it was also loved by the audience.

Q) You are still so beautiful and gorgeous. What’s the secret of your stunning good looks?

Positive thinking, discipline, a healthy diet and no laziness! The reason I am so fit!

Q) Your sister Shamita could not achieve the success that you have. What would you attribute that to?

Luck is as important as working hard to be successful in films. Films do well if they are entertaining, but an actor is successful if destiny is in his favor. There are several actors in Bollywood who are talented but not very successful and on the other hand there are not so talented actors who are very successful.

Q) How satisfied are you with your life today?

I am enjoying life! I don’t run after anything and graciously take what I am offered and embrace it. That’s why, even though I have not been doing films for so many years the audience still likes me.

Q) Are you a foodie and eat what you crave for?

Not every day but I eat my favorite things once a week. Like I love ice cream, cake, rasgulla and eat them during weekends.

Q) You think the actresses today are more hardworking?

Nothing like that! Were we not talented and hardworking? Every actor has his day! Yesterday it was ours and today it’s the new generation!

Q) You are very fond of dancing. When judging dance reality shows do you feel like taking to the stage and dancing?

Very much! I love dancing especially the tapori (street dance) numbers! In fact my co- judge Geeta Kapur and I have to stop ourselves from jumping in and joining the participants, especially the outstanding performers.

Q) Talking about tapori dance, we have seen you doing these numbers so energetically during Ganpati visarjan!

Yes, I love doing those energetic dance moves during visarjan.

Q) Would you do an item number for a film today?

Why not? Like I said I love dancing and if I am offered a good number I would do it. But it should be really special!

Interview: Arti Saxena