Dr. Sonakshi Bose- You Slayed it Girl!

Kuch Rnag Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi has never failed to keep the audience engaged with the realistic and never seen before story line. Be it the confession or the realization of love the story of Sonakshi Bose and Dev Dixit has been loved by the audience and the show has managed to win hearts. Although there was a lot of skepticism about how the story would more forward and would it go the clichéd way after the leap; the show was been quite a surprise. Not following any one of the main stream ways Kuch rang Pyaar Ke Ase Bhi is a delight.

Talking about the episode last night it was really good for more than one reasons. First one being how each and every character in the show is flawed. Simply not perfect but everyone has a shade of their own ; a grey shade rather. But in that they do also have a side rather a soft side where they seem to open up with their one loved one.

Right from Vicky who confessed to Elena about loving her or Ishwari who went on to no limit for her son Dev.

Now covering all of that this post is especially dedicated to Dr. Sonakshi Bose who finally talked- about her heart, about her feeling and about how much she needed and missed Dev in her life.

Although abrupt the feeling and emotions were pretty real. The struggle Sonakshi and Dev have faced in the past seven years has another story to tell. If Sonakshi went on being the independent and rich entrepreneur, Dev went back to being alone, carefree and the one who abandoned everyone to get back the missing pieces in his life. Sonakshi in all of this had her family to support her no matter what but in the case of Dev it was not possible for him because somehow he knew his family was the reason for the misery. So he went far way to find his solace.

Well this revelation to Sonakshi was shocking and heart wrenching because from what Sonakshi knows is that Dev is the apple of Ishwari’s eyes and vice versa. The talks she does after that just show how much hard it has been all the while for loving someone so dearly and not being able to hate them even if she wants to. The mention of how she wished that Dev was not the ideal father to Suhana so that there would be one reason for her to hate him. But nah rather he was the ideal father. In fact he was an ideal person.

The scene yesterday symbolized one more thing how the couples in the show were not soulmates but had not gave up on each other and Dev and Sonakshi who were supposedly soulmates not just gave up on each other but their relationship as well. It reflected that trust which is the foundation of the relationship was the core element missing in theirs.

Finally now the question arises like Mamaji mentioned too. Dev has went on being heartless and stone cold but Sonakshi you sure do have a big heart. Can you forgive Dev and fill in the colors of love in your life back again?

Share your views and comments about the episode and what you feel is now in store for us.

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