I don’t understand why we don’t recognize these heroes : Anuj Sachdeva

Actor, host & environmentalist Anuj Sachdeva’s new-age chat show on digital platform ‘Get access with Anuj’ is making noise for the right reasons. The television heartthrob has had an interesting mix of celebrities from all walks of life come to his chat show. Anup Kumar who was recently conferred with the Arjuna Award for his contribution in sports was the latest celeb on Anuj’s chat show.

It was for the first time, the Kabaddi champion who represented India on a global level made his debut on a chat show.

The digital chat show that is slated to be up on the internet ahead of the Pro Kabaddi league this season will be an interesting episode for all the sports fanatics where Anuj got upclose & personal with Anup who shared his struggle & success story.

Apparently Anuj planned an impromptu game loosely inspired from Kabaddi & the show seemed to have a blast.

Anuj excitedly shares, ‘Anup’s story is worth telling, the one on which movies are made on, very inspiring. I don’t understand why we don’t recognize these heroes. We only rave about Bollywood stars & cricketers. It’s about time we give these men who have accomplished so much in various other sports their due credit. It’s just not fair, the step treatment we give to other sports persons. It was one of my best chats & Anup is a great guy.’