‘I don’t like watching romantic films but I like romancing on screen’ – SHAH RUKH KHAN

After doing intense roles in films like Raees and Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh Khan is back at what he does best – Romance! Watch out for the King of Romance in Jab Harry Met Sejal as he woos his lady love Anushka Sharma. The actor sheds some light on his upcoming release

Q) Your fans love to see you doing romantic films. What do you feel about romancing?

I like it! Once again I am back in my old avatar and that too with a director like Imtiaz Ali and a beautiful co-star like Anushka Sharma! What more could I ask for in a romantic film? Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself while doing the film which is a light hearted romantic.

Q) But is it true that you don’t enjoy watching romantic films?

True, I don’t like watching romantic films. But I like doing romantic films and very much like romancing on screen! If you have not seen me doing too many romantic films it’s not because I don’t want to do them, it’s just that I want to do all kinds of films including comedy, action. Since the last couple of years I have been doing different kind of films, so now I was in the mood to do a romantic film. My daughter, Suhana also likes this genre so I wanted to do one for her.

Q) All girls want that their husbands, partners and boyfriends to be as romantic as you. Are you romantic in real life like you are on screen?

In real life I am a very normal guy. Unlike my romantic image, I am not always ready to spread my arms and romance, probably everyone thinks I would be doing. Like a regular lover I like having good conversations with my wife, give her good company and write poetry for her. I think I am a good husband to Gauri.

Q) You have romanced so many heroines on screen. Has Gauri ever felt insecure or asked you not to work with any specific leading lady?

No! Ever since I did Baazigar and threw Shilpa Shetty off the terrace my wife has not opened her mouth about this topic! (Laughs heartily)

Q) Tell us about Jab Harry Met Sejal. How has director Imtiaz Ali conceived your character Harry in the film?

There is a truthfulness in Imtiaz’s films. His hero is generally an ordinary, regular guy. That’s the reason that Harry is very real with who the youth will identify with. Imtiaz’s heroes don’t want to love but eventually they fall in love, and that’s how my character is in the film.

Q) This is your third film with Anushka Sharma, so any changes in her over time?

Anushka was always, and still is a very confident person. She is also very clear about things and very hassle free. She is very hard working and never talk’s ill of anyone so it’s always very good to work with her. She is a good friend and a good human being

Q) Interestingly all the songs of your films are hits. Who would you give the credit to for this?

For this I would give all the credit to my music directors and directors. Music directors, because when they compose a song for me they keep in mind my style, my mood, my character. And directors, because they visualize the songs beautifully which leaves an impact on the audience. If you watch ‘Hawayein’ in Jab Harry Met Sejal it’s so well captured.

Q) What was the experience of working with Imtiaz Ali like?

All I want to say is through this film I got the opportunity to meet a good person. Imtiaz is a good person and very down to earth. We are almost the same age so more than actor-director we became good friends. He is a good person and there is always positive energy on his sets. When my son AbRam visited the sets he used to look after him and I felt I was not on a film set but at home. Working with Imtiaz was a beautiful experience!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena