‘I am a dignified boy’ -Tiger Shroff

Besides his scintillating dance moves and his mind boggling stunts, Tiger Shroff also grabs headlines because of his ‘friendship’ with actress Disha Patani! We ask Bollywood’s star son where his heart lies

Q) Tiger you are known as Bollywood’s most decent, modest leading man. Comment!

That’s a good thing! I don’t have to tell people that I am a decent guy! Basically yes, I am a dignified boy!

Q) Do you consider yourself the most decent guy in Bollywood?

I cannot praise myself! But I am what I am; loving, disciplined, decent and I love my family. I don’t know what the definition of ‘decent’ is, but I always try not to hurt anyone and give my family and the people who work with me a happy space.

Q) Besides bouquets you have also been at the receiving end of criticism and brickbats. How do you handle this?

I take criticism as something to learn from. If someone points out a minus point I should work on it. It’s a constant endeavor to improve myself.

Q) Your dad, Jackie Shroff, is known as the sexiest man of Bollywood. According to you what is his quality that you have inherited?

I can never imbibe his qualities, like I can never have his long limbs or the imposing height that he has. But we both have a common trait – that we both love our family which means the the world to us!

Q) Your dad was a favourite of many Bollywood actresses, but who was your dad’s favourite?

His all time favorite is Madhuri Dixit!

Q) And yours?

I like all my leading ladies as each has her own quality! They are all good, and anyways my career has just taken off and I want to work with all of them

Q) There are several reports linking you and Disha Patani. Are you in a relationship with her?

No, I am not in any relationship. Presently I am focused on my career. I am very reserved and have very few friends that is why my name is being linked with her.

Q) What is your greatest desire after becoming a very successful actor?

I want to buy back the house which we had to sell during our low phase for my mother. She loved that place and was heart-broken when we had to move out. At the first opportunity I get, I would like to buy that house!

Q) What is your passion, dance or martial arts?

Both are my passions. It’s like asking someone your heart is more important or your heart beats!

Q) Tell us, what are the plus and minus points of being Jackie Shroff’s son?

The best thing about being my dad’s son is that I got a lot of goodwill from the industry folks. Everyone loved dad so much that they started loving me instantly. The minus point is that I am always being compared to him and I guess it will continue till I carve a niche for myself. Like when Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor made their own identities, everyone stopped comparing them to their fathers. I hope the same happens with me soon!

Interviewed By : Arti Saxena