Dhaani – Interesting and Promising Show!

Dhaani is currently airing on Geo Tv. Its written by Hashim Nadeem, and directed by Ali Faizan. The story takes place in inner parts of Lahore which is also called “walled city.” We can see the beautiful and colorful culture of Lahore in the drama.

The drama starts with the introduction of Sheikh Kaleem Ud din’s (Tauqeer Nasir) family, he lives in inner parts of Lahore, has two daughters Dhaani and Shaani. Dhaani is a carefree, happy-go-lucky type girl. His widowed sister Bee ji also lives with him along with her son Raja. Kaleem Ud din’s wife has died and Bee Ji takes care of Dhaani and Shaani as her own daughters. Kaleem Udin is very strict and conservative. He is very honest person, a man of principles. Sometimes he is way too strict to his daughters but Bee Ji comes to their rescue at a time like this. She balances Kaleem Uddin’s strictness with her love for her nieces. She has the power to make Kaleem go a bit softer on his daughters. Raja is a bit immature guy. Kaleem doesn’t approve the way his nephew is leading his life, he wants to see him as a responsible man who can take care of family and is reliable but Raja still doesn’t meet his uncle’s standards even though he tries to.

Kaleem Uddin takes care of old haveli of their area’s late politician. Seth Rehan is the son of that politician and the haveli belongs to him now. Seth Rehan has a wife and two sons, Tanveer and Sameer(ami Khan). Seth Rehan decides to join politics like his father and is ready to cash his father’s good will in inner city as he knows people in that area still respect his father as he was an honest and kind politician and did a lot for the people of that area. Seth Rehan is nothing like his father and feels no emotional connection to the people of the area his father once represented. He has never visited the area in ages so he decides to hold a Basant (a kite flying festival in Lahore) party in old haveli to put on a show and start his election campaign in the area. He invites his friends and family including his son Sameer who is still in London after completing his degree, to the party.
Babu, who is a shady character, a drunkard in the area and seems to have a grudge against sheikh kaleem Uddin is given the task to arrange “drinks” for the guests in the party while Kaleem Uddin will look after other arrangements.

It’s a refreshing and feel good drama. I really enjoyed the first episode. Cast is so good, seasoned actors like Touqeer Nasir and Asad played their roles so well. Acting of other artists is good too. Story seems interesting and promising.

Rida Khan