Devi to play the perfect wife and hostess in Adhiraj’s business party.

Zee TV’s show Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More is all gearing up for a business party and some really interesting drama.

Well when we have Adhiraj (Krip Suri), Devi (Yesha Rughani), Maasa (Roopa Divatia) and Urmi (Sapna Thakur) in the same party tab toh drama hona hi chahiye and that is exactly what viewers will get to see.

As seen in last week’s precap Adhiraj learns that his foreign clients are coming. A party is to be organized for the same and he is advised to get Devi in the party because she is his better half. However this puts Adhiraj in a dilemma because Maasa had asked Adhiraj to keep Devi away from the business.

Interestingly Devi who found out there is goodness inside her surly beast like husband (After he burned himself for hurting her) will overhear Adhiraj and Maasa’s conversation and decides to help out her husband.

So what does the Mrs. do? Well she handcuffs herself to Adhiraj. Yes, that is right. Adhiraj can’t miss the party and has to be there which means he has no other choice but to take Devi along defying Maasa. Adhiraj and Devi make a stunning couple at the party and garners a lot of praises for looking amazing together which makes Urmi jealous.

As per Indian tradition and culture Maasa and Urmi will be seen doing the clients aarti and giving them a Indian Welcome. However the duo along with Adhiraj fail to communicate with the clients in English but, Devi will be seen seizing the opportunity with both hands. Being a well-educated woman she will be seen impressing the clients with her fluent English, mannerisms and confidence. She praises Adhiraj and even tries to get the deal for him.

While Maasa and Urmi will be fuming over the developments at the party; Adhiraj will be impressed and in awe of his wife.

Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it?

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