Dev Dixit just Decided to Turn Up the Heat & We Aren’t Complaining

When we first heard of the leap in KRPKAB and the fact that Dev was going to turn into a Casanova we weren’t really very happy about it, at least I wasn’t. I loved the old serious, broody, hopelessly-in-love-with-Sonakshi, Dev. I was anxious about the new version wondering if I’d end up hating the change. Turns out, I had absolutely no reason to fret at all because once ‘naye-rang-ka Dev’ showed up on the screen, on that incredibly sexy motorbike of his, I was already sold. Not saying the older one wasn’t great looking. Of course he was. (With Shaheer Sheikh playing him. How could he not? ) The point I’m trying to make is, while the older and more sensitive version of him was incredibly attractive too, the new darker and snarkier version of Dev is absolutely swoon worthy. Three episodes in and I already want this Dev to stay. Here are some of my reasons for wanting him to stick around for a much longer time.

• His playfulness:

The new one knows how charming he can actually be and he knows how to use it to his advantage. What can be hotter than a bad boy on a motorbike? Bad boy on a motorbike with an adorable kid in his arms. Very smooth Dev! Watching him smile, flirt and work his magic at the obviously smitten teacher of his nephew to get him out of trouble was so much more fun and a welcome change from the otherwise threatening angry young man that we are so used to.

• The change in wardrobe:

The older Dev used to wear a lot of suits and we obviously have nothing against a guy looking dapper in a carefully coordinated 3 piece suit. Especially if the said suit succeeded in complementing and highlighting those broad shoulders and narrow hips of his well-built frame. But there is just something irresistible about your favorite guy throwing on a leather jacket paired with a cool tee and some ripped jeans that have all of us going for that cold bottle of water. And just like that, the ‘bad boy’ is definitely your type now.

• His stubble:

Well this was so completely unexpected. Not! You just cannot turn into a Casanova without your own drive-a-woman-crazy-for-you stubble. I have been one of the biggest and firm supporter of the whole movement from the super clean shaved, permed and razor sharp look towards the more easier, rougher, effortless look on men and since we have all seen how sexy Shaheer with a five-o-clock shadow is (courtesy – google images), I was not at all surprised to see that he not only managed to pull of the whole perfectly imperfect edgy casualness that comes with a stubble but is completely rocking the rugged masculine look.

• His smirk:

Now this is definitely a must have trait for any bad boy. If there is one facial expression that can beat a genuine smile or a laugh it’s thatone perfect and beautiful smirk. Now the art of smirking is not an easy one to master. Thinking that you nailed the Ian Somerhalder smirk is not the same as actually nailing one. I’m happy to declare that though it isn’t as perfect as Damon Salvatore’s, Dev Dixit’s smirk is not too bad either. We are definitely impressed. Go back and watch the very last moment of the second episode of the leap to see what I mean. Yep, that’s his very own ‘I-know-you-can’t-help-but-fall-in-love-with-me’ smirk.

So I guess the fact that I am a huge fan of the new flirty & sarcastic ‘fun’ Dev Dixit is pretty obvious. I really could totally get used to this Dev. In fact I don’t want him to go anywhere anytime soon. Anyone else think he should stick around for good?

Geetha Reddy