Dev Dixit as the Family Man in KRPKAB Season 2 Promo is a thing of beauty!!!

“Thodi si teri zimmedaari …thodi si meri hissedaari,
Ghar aangan sambhaalenge ab to baari baari,
Rishto ke likhenge naye maayne,
Dekhe duniya humko to bas yeh kahe,
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi……. Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi”

Season 2’s first promo opens with Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) approaching his lovely wife Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) who is busy going through a file. The couple’s infant baby – Shubh is seen blissfully sleeping in the kangaroo baby pouch carrier worn by Dev. Dev has brought a roll (Read: Food) for Sona, and feeds her the same. The scene shifts to Dev tying Soha’s hair, the duo sharing a smile, and papa dropping his angel at her school. The next scene which undoubtedly is the highlight of the promo shows Dev giving his baby boy a bath. The baby is seen giggling clearly enjoying his bath which has Dev all smiling too. This is followed by Papa Dixit and his two munchkins playing on a seesaw. The scene cuts back to the first one with Devakshi but, this time we see Dev wiping the ketchup off the corners of Sona’s mouth. Sonakshi is smitten by Dev’s love and thoughtfulness but, her daze is broken by Dev who urges her to leave. Perhaps for work? The couple shares a very cute silent banter, and the promo comes to an end with Sona leaving in a car and Dev waving her good bye. The smile on Devakshi’s faces speaks volumes of their blissful life, and makes the wait for their arrival back to our scenes a tad bit too long.

Were those ‘SIGHS’ I heard now that I have given a rundown of the happenings in the promo?

Did you girls out there wish, hope and pray that you got a life-partner like Dev Dixit?

Are you excited to see something that does not match the conventional concepts of Hindi prime time soap hero?

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’s season 2’s first on air promo is simply beautiful. I am not sure if one can associate the adjective ‘Beautiful’ with a TV series promo but, that is exactly what I felt while watching it, and I am sure many of you; especially all you KRPPAB fans out there felt the same after watching it.

We all have heard and known what ‘Love’ is and that it has many colors. A lucky few have also truly experienced it. Staying true to the name ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’; we get to see a completely new set of colors this time around, and yes one can’t help but agree that a few colors of love can indeed be this way too. Also for the record these colors of love aka the ones shown in the promo has to be the most beautiful and vibrant ones ever because, we get to see a ‘Family Man’ instead of a ‘Family Woman’ which is the usual norm and it truly was a sight to behold.

We have seen Dev as the son, the lover, the hubby and the father in season 1 and he is still all those things but, regardless of that there is something genuinely heart-warming about the way he is shown in this promo as the FAMILY MAN because, you can see and feel from across the screen that he is thoroughly enjoying home life and the space he is in. Be it feeding his wife, getting his daughter ready for school or taking care of an infant baby (We all know how challenging that can get) Dev is living each and every moment of it to the fullest. Don’t believe me? Check out the smile he has on his face throughout the promo. Not only is it a reflection of how content his heart is but it is also a testimony of the fact that the man has finally found his paradise. He is completely happy and comfortable while doing everything that ‘typically’ is done by the wife/mother, and looks all the more desirable for it. Honestly if you were to pick between one of the AYM aka angry young man currently seen on TV and this family man as seen in the promo who would you pick? *Wink*

As mentioned above the highlight of the promo is the Dev- Shubh scene. Taking care of an infant baby is not an easy feat, and as Hindi soap watchers we are used to seeing an infant baby being taken care by the mother or rather a woman more when compared to a man. Doing this day in and day out is a challenge that we are conditioned to believe only women can do, but from the looks of this promo Dev has taken up that responsibility and is not only comfortable but also contented taking care of young one. It somewhere shows the growth in him as a person because they say that the experiences obtained while taking care of a baby can truly humble you. So it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to assume based on the promo that Dev Dixit has come a long way.

Prime time Hindi soaps have given us all kinds of male leads. While mostly it has been dominated by the AYM’s; there has also been the understanding hubby (once in a blue moon), the mama’s boys etc. While Dev Dixit came across to be more of a mama’s boy; I believe that he was a bit of all these and more but, most of all he was somebody who was quite realistic and relatable as a male lead. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he was shown as a flawed human being which made viewers much more accepting of him. When it comes to the world of fictional shows I must admit that there is a certain allure to the AYM’s and the other kinds of male leads but, that allure is definitely 10 times more when a relatable character is depicted on screen, and a 100 times more when he is shown as every girls’ dream man. Just like one seen in the promo. Who wouldn’t want a man like that? If girls swooned and sighed at the sight of Dev Dixit of KRPKAB seasons 1, the swoons and sighs must have definitely multiplied after seeing him in this brand new avatar as a Family Man.

For most women in this day & age there is pretty much nothing that she cannot do. So it is quite safe to say that for more than a husband what today’s young women look for in their life partner is exactly that – a partner, and that is what this promo and the character of Dev in the promo brilliantly depicts. The lyrics of the title song this time speaks of a partnership which will re-write the values of the bond shared between a husband and wife ….between life partners; where both take up equal responsibilities and turns when it comes to taking care of their home and family. Isn’t that what every girl wishes for in her man? Isn’t that what building a life together truly is?

Apart from a handful of women characters; Hindi soaps have always shown female characters putting aside their career, dreams, ambitions and much more for her family. And even in cases where she does not; it is always she who is highlighted as the key member binding the entire family. But does it always have to be this way? Which is why the promo and the way Dev Dixit has been showcased in the promo comes across as a breath of fresh air, and a hope that just because things always happen in a certain way it need not always continue to do so.

Author: Vijitha Rajan