‘My craft is not my profession but my lover’ – Dharmendra

There are some stars whose radiance never diminish but only become more brilliant with time. Veteran actor Dharmendra is one such star, who not only lights up the silver screen but also any gathering! At the launch of his sons Sunny and Bobby Deols’ Poster Boys the 82 year old actor, a reigning actor of his time, was at his wittiest best…

Q) Poster Boys, a film on vasectomy and starring both your sons Sunny and Bobby is releasing under your banner. What is your take on a film on a taboo subject?

Actually when Poster Boys was in the making, I used to ask Bobby about the film but he used to evade giving me an answer and Sunny on the other hand used to shyly slide away. I really did not know what the film was about. When I saw the film, my first thought was even nature could not sterilize me! Jokes apart the film has a good story and is interesting

Q) How did you find their performances in the film?

Oh they are looking so different! They are not looking like they are he-man Dharam paji’s sons! But they have worked very hard and have done a good job!

Q) Will we see you in the film?

No, I am not in the film but my name is definitely mentioned in it. I am still working in films but I wouldn’t like to work in a film on sterilization or any other prohibition (laughs). I tell Sunny to bring a subject which does not have any sort of taboos! Films are not a profession for me but my life, my lover – who I woo back if she breaks away and who woos me back if I stay away too long from her! That’s why I keep coming back and whenever I do, the audience still loves me.

Q) You are known to write poetry. Have your sons Sunny and Bobby also inherited this talent?

I am an extremely emotional and my all emotions come out in the form of poetry. Frankly, earlier I never knew I could write poetry. God is great he keeps helping me explore new talents.

Q) You still have a great fan following, not just in Punjab but in places like Hyderabad.

Several years ago I shot a film called Phool Aur Pathar in Hyderabad and the people there were so loving. They still remember me, that too by my character’s name Raaka in the film. But now the place has really changed. We used to enjoy the biryani there and that is still very delicious!

Q) Bobby is seen speaking pure Hindi in the film, something you did in your old film Chupke Chupke. Did it remind you of the film?

Yes, I did think of Chupke Chupke when I saw Bobby speak in ‘shudh’ Hindi, but both films are very different from each other.

Q) The poster of Poster Boys is hilarious! Do you remember your first film’s poster?

Yes it released in 1960 and was called Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere. I remember my parents who lived in Punjab coming from the village to the town to see their son on the poster and were thrilled to bits.

Q) Did you always want to become an actor?

Yes, I always wanted to become one like Dilip Kumar. I would stand in front of the mirror, pose and ask myself if would ever become an actor? But I never trained; I honed my skills by watching films and practicing the craft.

Q) What keeps you so fit and fine at this age?

My fans! The love of my fans keeps me fit! I would like to tell them to keep loving us the way they do and I will do more good work!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena