Cracking up on Diwali with the Comedy Kings and Queens !

They keep us in splits with their antics but on Diwali day they crack up and bring in the festival with fun, frolic and laughter

Johnny Lever

Today when I remember how incorrigible I would be on Diwali I feel ashamed, but at times I feel like laughing. Looking back I realize how naughty I was and would have this urge to do something crazy. I remember there was this old man who used to harass us kids in the chawl that I lived. He used to sleep on a cot outside his house and never let us play. On one Diwali we lit a lot of crackers under his cot and ran away. As soon as the crackers burst he jumped up and literally started dancing leaving everyone was in splits. That time I laughed but today I realize it was not the right thing to do. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Diwali and request everyone not to do behave the way I did.

Kapil Sharma

Ever since I became an actor and television personality every Diwali has been memorable. I am fortunate that I get the opportunity to celebrate the festival with famous television and film personalities stars. However, I really like to celebrate Diwali with my mother. My mother does all the special things like getting new clothes and jewelry for the statues of gods and goddesses and doing an elaborate puja. Watching all this gives me a lot of peace. And I know it’s because of her devotion and blessings I am a star today. As for the most memorable Diwali it would be during my childhood when as children my friends and I would collect all the ashes of the burnt crackers and try and make one big cracker! Then one day the rocket I lit went straight to my neighbors house, which caught fire! But because it was Diwali I was saved from a spanking!

Bharti Singh

To me the real fun of Diwali is celebrating it with family and close friends. I still remember celebrating Diwali with my mother and brothers in Punjab. One week before Diwali there used to be hectic activity which included cleaning and whitewashing the house and stitching new clothes. But everything was within a limited budget so we used to enjoy others bursting crackers, not bursting them ourselves. My mother used to pray that we have enough money to have a decent Diwali. When I look back I wonder if I ever dreamed that I would buy a new car worth lakhs and go on a shopping spree on Diwali! And celebrate the festival with film and television celebs! This has taught me that time can change very fast and we should believe in ourselves and just work hard. The most memorable Diwali was when I was just gaining popularity and was asked to perform at an event at Diwali and got paid well for it. That’s the time I realized my value.

Krushna Abhishek

Ever since I remember, I love celebrating and having a lot of fun on Diwali. In fact in my family, and that is big, I have the record of bursting the maximum crackers! My family used to get fed up of me but I would never be satiated. I remember my uncle Govinda used to get me lots and lots of the best of crackers and tell me to burst them to my hearts’ content. What more would you ask at that age? In fact we used to get together at Govinda uncle’s house and all us cousins used to have a blast. This is true even today, as all of us still come together to celebrate Diwali!

Sughanda Mishra

Diwali is my favorite festival and I welcome it with open arms! I have had my hands, feet and hair burnt whilst bursting crackers but that has never stopped me from going all out to burst them. I am so full of fun and just want to have a blast on this day. Even today I go to my hometown in Punjab to celebrate Diwali. However, I remember once I could not go home because of work and I really felt alone and dejected on this auspicious day. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find my family standing there! My mother lovingly put her hand on my head and said since I could not make it to Punjab, they came to Mumbai! That was the happiest and most memorable Diwali of my life. I am planning to have a blast with my family on this Diwali also!

By: Arti Saxena