#CoupleChemistry: Who does Varun Kapoor share the best – most crackling chemistry with?

Varun Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the best actors we have in the Hindi Television Industry.

The actor who won hearts of 1000’s of fans with his portrayal of Danny Vyas in Saraswatichandra, Sanskaar in Swaragini and currently as Veer in Savitri Devi Hospital and College has not only given viewers such memorable characters, but has also given the viewers wonderful onscreen jodi’s to remember by along with his beautiful and equally talented female leads.

But which female lead made for a stunning on-screen couple with Varun Kapoor?

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  1. Mahita said:

    Varun kapoor Always look heavenly best with Helly Shah..No other actress can make magic with him like Helly do..Wish to see them together..which is depend on Rashmi ma’am..We SwaSan a.k.a VaHe fan’s only can wish to see them again..

  2. mica said:

    well.. no one can beat VaHe chemistry. Both will give their best whenever together, mostly Varun. Varun has cute sweet face. it’s hard for him to be such a macho guy. With beautiful Shinny, they are only shared as a sweet couple, coz both look sweet and too girly. With Swarda ? it will kinda lil bit disaster, tough face of Swarda to facing cute face of Varun..they are kinda switched place, macho Swarda and girly varun (i’m really sorry, but this is my opinion), Meanwhile when he paired with Helly…Varun’s cute face gone somewhere as Helly is more cute than him. He gave his best looks. He became soo macho whenever around her…..Btw, VaHe’s posture is perfect for each other too. Helly’s tiny posture bound well with varun’s posture as varun isn’t too tall.

  3. Anbu said:

    Whole world know swasan is best ..all love varun& hellyshah onscreen chemistry is best..and ha.offscreen clicking pics and showing bond award goes to swarda aka Sancho only..

  4. Anbu said:

    Pls its humble request swasan are like art dont compare with any other onscreen jodi whos jodi is not liked even varun fans also..hann varun looks good in all show in look wise but in acting,looks,jodi,character all is good in only one show that is swaragini..the reason behind is swasan awesome love story and their trust,and haan most importantly their (helly&varun)fantabulous..acting… Thats why vahe loved as onscreen jodi.

  5. Venus said:

    Obviously it’s with helly.. SWASAN or VAHE whatever you call them they make the emotions and feelings come out in the story.. SWASAN FOREVER and ever…

  6. Venus said:

    SWASAN is the other Name of love yaar… who can beat vahe.. they are the BEST….

  7. nevhyy said:

    Your comment…SWASAN/VAHE chemistry them very sweet n romantic in the world😘😘😘

  8. Priyatosh said:

    Dev and sona In krpk show is awesome made for each other and krpk is best show on tv