Character of The Week- TENI

The concept of surrogacy is taking news buds in the Indian society and a huge thanks for this could be the new show of Colors- Dil Se Dil Tak. With the introduction of Teni in the show as the surrogate has brought a gigantic curve with the expansion of its most current part.

The show although shows Teni as a girl who is very money minded one cannot deny the fact that it is the harsh realities and the truth about life that has set Teni’s mind like this. In fact it is quite paractical and interesting to see Teni take no nonsense to the ones who don’t treat her well and she going to any limits to fulfill her dreams and goals.

Right now the aspirations of Teni is to have one successful life being a performer and live in the dream city of United States but well somehow she has seen herself being the helper to Parth and Shorbari who in turn will complete her dream. Well little does Teni know right now that from where she has taken the path there is simply no coming back.

In fact she has made a section nobody would effortlessly overlook. The calm and convention Bhanushali family is currently going to have their life flipped around with Teni being presented as the Bengali sister of Shorbari. Much to their dismay that Teni in actuality is the surrogate mother of Parth and Shorbaris baby.

Jasmine Bhasin as Teni is a colossal pleasure and exciting to watch. Adding to that the slight touch of Gujarati inflection that she shapes while talking in the tapori and mawali tone is really lovable and believe us that talking style in the wake of watching couple of scenes as it were. Is absolutely enthralling

Numerous congrats to Jasmin for keeping the gathering of people engaged with this symbol.
Tell us your perspectives about the character of Teni.

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