Chandini’s Marriage – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 *Promo Analysis*

Badhayi Ho Ji Badhayi Ho…..Beti ki Shaadi or should I say Sauda Badhayi Ho!!!

Earlier today Star Plus aired a brand new promo of the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 3. Titled “Chandini’s Wedding” the promo highlights the upcoming dramatic wedding sequence in the show or should I say one of three biggest weddings Star Plus is gearing up for in this August; the others being from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Ishqbaaz.

Dressed in a gorgeous ensemble designed by ace designer Neeta Lulla; Chandini (Shivani Tomar) is all set to marry PP (Rupesh Kataria) – the man her step-mother Indrani (Ritu Shivpuri) has chosen for her. “Mujhe na chahte hue bhi apni Maa ke liye yeh shaadi karni hogi” Chandini heart isn’t allowing her to go ahead with the wedding, but for the sake of her mother she is ready to give up on her likes, dreams and wishes and marry PP. Reason? Indrani who was recently revealed to be Chandini’s step-mom needs money. Getting Chandini married to PP is simply a deal for the woman, and it also ensures Chandini’s departure from the Vashisht House and Family.

Unaware of this truth Chandini has agreed to the marriage because, according to her, her mother Indrani is neck deep in debt, and those who had loaned her money in the past is getting aggressive about their payments. Or Chandini is forced to believe so. The FB scene of Indrani being harassed by the creditors was staged by the wicked woman to pressurize Chandini into marrying PP; after Chandini musters the courage to tell her mother that she does not like PP and does not want to marry him. Indrani makes Chandini believe that only PP can help them repay their loans by making the him reach the scene and pay off the creditors.

PP is quite excited about the prospect of acquiring Chandini via marriage so that he can get intimate with her and hopefully get a son in the process; as explicitly stated by PP’s mother. The next scene of the promo shows PP moving forward to tie the mangalsutra around Chandini’s neck but is stopped by Advay (Barun Sobti).

“Main yeh shaadi nahi hone doonga” He holds PP’s hand, takes the mangalsutra and pushes the so-called groom and moves forward to tie the mangalsutra around Chandini’s neck. In an rather interesting twist Chandini holds Advay’s hands and stops him by saying ‘Main aise nahi hone doongi. Aap nahi jaante yeh shaadi meri Maa ke loye kitni zaroori hai”. Advay shocks Chandini by saying “Aur tum nahi jaanti ki tum meri liye kitni zaroori ho Chandini”. A visible shocked Chandini looks at Advay.

The promo ends with the BG voice saying “Dekhiye Chandini Advya ki anokhi shaddi ki shuruvaat”.

Advay may be out to destroy Chandini and through her the entire Vashisht Family as they are responsible for the destruction of his family. Advay has hurt Chandini through his words and actions but he has never allowed a third person to hurt her. When PP took Chandini out to the pub Advay reached the spot and saved Chandini from the impending doom. The promo also shows Advay stopping PP from tying the mangalsutra around Chandini’s neck and pushing him out of the frame symbolic of pushing him out of their lives and once again saving her from the clutches of a man like PP. Advay may be doing this because he is selfish enough to want the exclusive rights of hurting Chandini or maybe not; but whatever the reason Advay has always kept her safe except from him of coruse. Advay is not the typical knight in shining armour considering the fact that he wants to hurt Chandini but in a rather unconventional way he is her knight saving her from people and situations that may harm her.

In the last frame of the promo both Advay and Chandini are wearing almost the same color with the exception of Chandini’s dupatta. The red color of the bridal dupatta the highlight of the frame and it symbolizes two different things for the duo. For Advay as of now the color represents determination – to see his culprits suffer, anger – towards Chandini for betraying him and revenge for destroying his life. For Chandini on the other hand it means color of courage. Courage to go through with a wedding she does not desire for the sake of her mother and courage to stop Adavy who has made it his life’s mission to destroy the Vashisht Family.

We know that Advay and Chandini will eventually tie the knot. Bas dekhna yehi baaki hai ki how it will happen. Since it is a 4 Lions Films wedding – high voltage drama will take precedence over everything else but rest assured mazza toh aayega. What say?

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Author: Vijitha Rajan