It was a challenge to play a complex gay character after playing Raghu – Ayaz Ahmed

Ayaz Ahmed is quite kicked about his popular MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, “When we first went on air it was a challenge for fiction had never worked on this youth channel before. What clicked in our favor was our story line, we have a complex saga of five /six sub plots interplaying with main narrative. Such stories are the hallmarks of hit international TV shows and films. Last but not the least we also have a great caste. All our actors are not well versed in the craft but are good to look as well.”
Coming to his gay character he says, the casting itself was challenge for after Do Dil…Ek Jaan, I have a ruffian lover boy image. I went to break free hence I took a break. Then I did Splitsvilla 7 with Sunny Leone where I got lots of positive feedback.”
Taking about the preparation for the role, he said,“I met members of the LGBT community and tried to understand from where they come from and incorporate those elements in my portrayal.” Did your parents oppose you essaying Cabir,“ no they fully support me, but yes they are also apprehensive about asking me how will the plot pan out, will the relationship with Raghav( Rushad Rana) work?”
In closing he does admit that he is not sure if all this pro gay talk on Twitter and Facebook will actually bring out about any positive changes on the ground for the alternate sexually oriented folks. Having said that I hear that some closeted gay’s and lesbian’s after seeing our show have decided to come out in the open about their sexuality. For after all, it is first show on Indian television which openly talks about gay relationship’s in a serious non caricaturist manner.”

Author – Anil Merani
Telly Tadka/Glitz Vision

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