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Maya to fake her death in Sony’s Beyhadh?

Maya to fake her death in Sony’s Beyhadh?

Sony TV’s Beyhadh produced by Cinevistaas Ltd. is getting monotonous day after day. The story is getting repetitive and the twists and turns are no longer intriguing. But the strongest point of the show which is the performance of each actor still remains and is the only saving grace. As seen Maya (Jennifer Winget) suffers


Avni to get a recording made by Ashish in Naamkarann?

Star Plus Naamkarann’s recently aired promo shows Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil (Zain Imam) finding something hidden by Ashish Mehta (Viraf Patel). Neil is curious how somebody just disappeared from the face of the earth 15 years ago, and then finds something which he claims was hidden by Ashish. If sources are to be believed