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Mahira Khan Joins Raees Promotion!

Fans are waiting desperately for the up coming SRK movie Raees that is going to be released on 25th Jan 2017, but there was a bit sadness mingled with the happiness as the release date draws closer, the heroine of the film Mahira Khan was nowhere to be seen in the promotions due to political


Atif Aslam Was Not a Hero After All!

Last week news about Pakistani singer Atif Aslam caused a huge up roar on social media in Pakistan and India. The singer heroically saved a girl from harassment during the concert. They accused was beaten up by people present in the concert after the singer pointed him out. But now the story has taken a


Zindagi Ki Mahek – Who is Shaurya Khanna?

Viewers of Zindagi Ki Mehak have lost their sleep on this puzzle in last few days. Suspense twist turn, a road on which this show is riding fast these days. Show has managed to keep everyone on edge from the time Shaurya Khaana was hell bent in getting married to Mehak in ten days. Was

Rohan Car

Rohan Mehra Hides His Keys.

Actor Rohan Mehra, who is getting locked up in the Bigg Boss house this season, is extremely possessive about his things. Having been an only child, Rohan isn’t used to sharing and the one thing he definitely doesn’t like sharing is his wheels! The actor we hear has hidden his car keys in a secret


SWARAGINI too Heads for a LEAP

Color’s very popular show Swaragini which has made their way to the hearts of the audience through the bond of Swara and Ragini, love of Swara Sanskaar and Lakshya Ragini too is heading for a leap. Yeah you heard it right. Swara and Ragini are going to leave their husbands and get back to their


I am very much committed to Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi.

  TV hottie Shaheer Sheikh dismissed rumor that he was not giving enough dates to Sony show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. There was a buzz that that Shaheer is not been seen enough. And even if he is seen he is not speaking much leading some to assume that cheat scenes are being used. The rumours mills were even saying


Pakistani actors working in Mumbai in trouble?

Well film actors and controversies has always been a never ending saga. But this time maybe film actors are in bit of trouble. By actors I mean Pakistani actors. Political interruption has happened and it is the political party Maharashtra Navnirman Seva that has warned all the Pakistani actors to leave India and go back