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Review – Tanhaiyan Impressive Series!

My friends would always binge watch downloaded Yankie TV shows on the net. I guess I will have first experience of the same when I will check out all 10 episodes (uploaded in one go) of Surbhi Jyoti and Barun Sobti starrer web series Tanhaiyan in the next two or three days. I have just


Hug Day Wish: If Telly Actors Perform With Bollywood Ones!

Hug Day is one of the most special days of the valentine week which is celebrated by the people greeting a hug to their partner, friend, loved ones and etc to express their love and affection. It has capability to relieve one from any problems and freshens the mind. If one person hugs another person,


Some Sweet Promises for Celebrities!

Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February worldwide during the fifth day of Valentine week. On this day lovers promise each other for something special. So today even our die hard fans ask celeb for some promise. It is the day to express love deeply to your love ones. Today, We wish our telly celeb


Telly Actresses Confess Being Addicted to Teddy Bears!

“Age simply doesn’t enter into it! The older the friend, the more he is valued, particularly when he shows so visibly the characteristics that we all look for in friends. You have only to look at a genuine teddy’s face to see at once the loyalty, common sense, and above all, dependability behind it” Teddy