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Ishwari Dixit needs a Shrink and Soon

Why Ishwari Dixit Needs a Shrink & Soon

Ishwari has always been a complex and quite frankly, an extremely frustrating character. So is the complicated relationship that she shares with her son. She was first introduced as the proud mother to a self-made successful business tycoon, Dev Dixit. Within the first few episodes it was clear that she was her son’s biggest support,

Kaira rishte with sapne header(1)

KaIra’s ‘Rishta’ with ‘Sapne’ Turns Real!

“Yaar sapne dekhna tho humara basic human right hain!” Before you start wondering, no these aren’t mine; those exact words were uttered by Kartik Goenka himself when questioned about his love for dreams, specifically about the mushy romantic ones. No one has ever felt, scratch that, feels as strongly about their right to dream, as

Dear Saanjh

Dear Saanjh , It is Time to Let Go!

Dear Saanjh, No this isn’t another one of those letters from an anonymous source that would get you into trouble, especially with Arjun, so let go of that breath that you are holding and calm down. This one is actually from a well-wisher who wants to see you as well as the people that truly

These siblings on TV give us some serious goals

TV Siblings Giving Us Some Serious Goals!

Friends and relationships come and go. You grow out of hobbies, interests and even the ‘finding oneself’ phase but if there is something that is a constant in your life, it’s your siblings or the closest thing to your siblings i.e., cousins. They are a pain in the butt most of the times, getting you

Ishwari and Bijoy - Drawing the parelles

Ishwari and Bijoy: Drawing the Parallels!

Although Ishwari and Bijoy vary a lot in the way they carry themselves and their inherent temperaments, they are also alike in a lot of ways. Despite the obvious differences in their personalities, cultures and beliefs, I found myself noticing some glaring similarities between the two and also the kind of choices that they make