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Pretty Little Liar : Mona rules yet again; Sparia looses the plot.

Pretty Little Liar : Mona rules yet again; Sparia looses the plot.

In comparison to the last two weeks, this week ABC’s crime-thriller Pretty Little Liar was a little less uneventful and not exactly edgy as one would expect it to be, considering this is the final season and that the show is all set to bid adieu. This week fans witnessed Spencer locking horns with Detective

Korean Dramas to be Aired on Indian Channel Zee Zindagi!

So heres the great news that made me have different feelings at the same time, Indian channel zee zindagi has announced that a 2016 blockbuster Korean drama drama “Descendants of the Sun” is going to be aired on the said channel. This news caused me feelings happy, jealous and angry at the same time, and

Sherlock – The Lying Detective

The lying detective is the second episode of season 4 of British TV series Sherlock. This was a brilliant episode, full of suspense, emotions and a bit of good British humor. The episode begins where first episode ended, John is visiting his therapist because he is going through a tough time after the death of

Sherlock – The Six Thatchers

The first episode of season 4 of British series Sherlock starts with a quick glance at the events from the last season. Sherlock kills a wealthy businessman Agustus Magnussen, who is in fact a big blackmailer and has access to all sorts of confidential information, including spies, John Watson’s wife and Sherlock’s friend Mary is

Balu Mahi – The Game Changer for Pakistani Cinema?

Pakistani cinema is in its complete transition mode and some of very fine and interesting movies with good story line have been made in last 2 or 3 years. New faces and new talent is joining the industry especially from TV community. Balu Mahi is upcoming Pakistani movie, directed by our own very talented director

Sang e Mar Mar, Tainted with Ignorance !

Third episode of sang e mar mar sheds more light on the town of Gadhi Baran and life style of its residents. This town is strictly following the centuries old customs and women’s lives are totally controlled by men. Women too are so used to these customs that they don’t seem to have any hope

Khuda aur Muhabbat – Episode 2, Love is Smiling!

So, the second episode of Khuda Aur Muhabbat season 2 was good as expected. We got to see more about characters and their life style, their way of thinking and their life experiences. What Im liking most about this season is that writer and director are doing amazing job in keeping a good pace to