‘I cannot stay in the house for an hour’- Salman Khan

Salman Khan who is back as the host of Bigg Boss Season 11, regales us with his connection to one of the most popular show on television, what makes a participant a winner and what’s new on the show

Q) You have been hosting Bigg Boss now for six years straight. Looks like you are permanently connected to the show!

What can I do? The Bigg Boss team does not want to let go of me! Every time I think of saying no to CEO Raj Nayak and the team, they manage to convince me to host it! Actually it’s also my favourite show so even though I may keep saying ‘no, no’ I become a part of it!

Q) Is it true that you are charging 11 crores per episode for this season?

Arey if that was the case it would be like winning a lottery! How much I charge per episode, only the channel (Colors) can tell you.

Q) There is a new concept of having ‘neighbors’ in this season. Whose idea was that?

In every episode there is a new concept and this year it’s the ‘neighbors’. Neighbors are an important part of our lives. If some neighbors are good others can be irritating as well. In this season we will be showing 11 kinds of neighbors one can have!

Q) What kind of neighbors do you have in real life?

I am lucky that way as I have the sweetest neighbor in Waheeda Rehman (veteran actress). But I have to say that some others are nice as well because when my fans create a ruckus outside my building they don’t complain. However there are others who do complain. So hereby I request my fans not to make a noise outside my building!

Q) According to you what qualities make for a winner?

The winner is that participant who understands the game. He uses his intelligence to complete each task, maintains his dignity, controls his emotions and has a strong willpower. These are the traits of a winner!

Q) Do you get personally involved in the show?

Yes I am involved with the show. I speak about the members and talk about them while they think of me as the head of the house and share their problems. I enjoy all this and do a lot of masti mazak with the house members. But there are always participants who are annoying and I do get angry with their antics and reprimand them. This year I am specially involved as I am also their neighbor!

Q) Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan are also coming up with their shows on television. Do you see them as competitors?

I am glad that Shah Rukh and Akshay are coming with their own reality shows. Shah Rukh makes a great host and Akshay is multi-talented. It’s a good thing if big stars come on television.

Q) Will this season of Bigg Boss be different from the previous one?

Yes it is very different and you will know when you watch it. A lot of interesting people are in it and a lot will happen during as the show. However, I always make sure there is no kind of sleaziness and misconduct as it’s a family show.

Q) What if you were asked to stay in the house?

I would not be able to stay in the Bigg Boss house for even an hour! I salute every person who stays in the house for weeks and puts up with so many discomforts.

Q) What message would you like to give to the participants of Bigg Boss?

I would like to tell them in the bid to win not to go beyond limits, to use their intelligence and play the game properly. If they don’t maintain their dignity not only will they not win, they will be out of the house!

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena