Bringing up daughters – Bollywood Actresses on adoption

Despite their busy schedules, some actresses opted for adopting little girls and motherhood! What prompted these stars to take on the responsibility of bringing up underprivileged girl or girls. We find out…

Raveena Tandon
There is a good and a bad phase in every person’s life. There was a time when my professional life was at a low and I was surrounded by problems. Then one day I sat in my car and started driving around when I chanced upon some poor children who were bathing near a nullah. It suddenly struck me that I had the capacity to change, if not all, but some child’s life and that I could make a difference to at least one or two children’s life. I promptly decided to adopt two children even though I myself was only 21. I adopted 9-year-old Chaya and 11-year-old Pooja who were sisters but lived separately because of unfortunate circumstances and took on the responsibility of their education and upbringing. Today both Pooja and Chaya are young married woman and looking after their own families. There is a feeling of elation and contentment when I see them both.

Preity Zinta
I have always loved children and wanted to do something for the underprivileged girls in orphanages. Adoption and the love and care provided in a family can change their lives forever. It was before my 34th birthday when I I had gone to Rishikesh for some work and decided to spend some time with the children in orphanages there. The loneliness and the sadness in the children’s eyes touched a chord in my heart. The hope that someone would come and brighten their lives was a silent wish. I promptly thought of doing something for them and took the responsibility of 14 girls immediately. The happiness I felt was so much more than the happiness they felt.

Sushmita Sen
Despite having everything what life has to offer, one can feel incomplete and lonesome. It happened with me. After I became Miss Universe I had everything what a girl could dream of, but still I felt something lacking. That’s the time I thought of adopting a baby girl. I was 25 years when I adopted Rene. The first time I carried her in my arms and she smiled and I instantly fell in love with her and felt some sort of connection. After that she was my world. Then in 2010 I adopted Alisha. Both are grown up girls today and I feel a sense of pride when I see them.

Sunny Leone
I made a name and carved a niche for myself in Bollywood. Despite achieving a lot I felt something was lacking. That’s when I thought of adoption. I thought if I adopt a girl my life would be complete. Then two years ago I started the adoption process. I went to an orphanage in Latur (a small town in Maharashtra) regarding this and instantly fell in love with this little girl when she smiled at me. I told my husband I wanted her. Later on I came to know she was rejected by many because of her dark skin. I have named her Nisha Kaur Weiber and ever since she came into our lives everything changed. Motherhood has given me a feeling of contentment. Nowadays I wait for my shooting to get over so that I can go home to my daughter Nisha!

By: Arti Saxena