Beyhadh Promo ”Arjun Celebrates Maya’s birthday but Recreates her Past”

Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani starrer Beyhadh is doing rounds of the television industry for all the right reasons. In fact in less than a month the show has managed to become a craze among many fans.

The fast pacedness of the show is one thing that attracts a lot of viewers to them like a magnet. Now with the latest promos airing; it just adds up to the curiosity.

Right now on the show we see the growing fondness of Maya towards Arjun. Now amidst all this Arjun gets to know about Maya’s birthday and decides to celebrate it; his way of saying sorry for the lift incident. Although it makes Maya happy initially and she feels overwhelmed and reciprocates the gesture by saying thank you in a flash all of it goes in a vain.


Well Arjun smears a bit of cake on her face as a gesture of having fun oblivious to the fact that it is one of the worst nightmares of Maya as something like that happened in her childhood too and her father too smeared a cake on her face.

The promo ends with Maya with all the cake smeared on her face going inside one of the lakes while Arjun is left shouting her name.

You see the excitement level soars up really high now.

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