“I Believe in Reincarnation” – Kriti Sanon

She wowed you in Heropanti and then in Dilwale. Now Kriti Sanon is back and how! It’s a double role for the leggy actress in the reincarnation drama, Raabta. The film which talks about a love triangle story gone wrong and its repercussions in another era, is producer Dinesh Vijan’s debut as a director. Sanon reveals all as she talks about playing two dramatically different characters and her on screen and off screen rapport with costar Sushant Singh Rajput

Raabta! What does the word mean?

Raabta means an unexplained connection. You know sometimes we feel this unexplained bond with a person we have just met, and you feel you know him for ages. It’s a closeness you feel with a stranger, but cannot explain.

From the trailer it appears the film is on reincarnation.

Yes, my character Saira, is in love with Sushant Singh Rajput and we find out we were both royalty in a bygone era and our love story had a tragic end. That’s when our present day story takes a turn!

Which was tougher for you to play? Saira who is a dynamic young woman of today or Saiba the fiery queen of yore?

Saira who makes chocolates, is a todays girl, free spirited and full of energy and one with who I can identify. Saiba on the other hand belongs to another era for which I had no reference point, except for what the director explained to me. So for me it was tougher to play Saiba.

How was it doing all that action in the film?

Oh, that Dinesh, my director will tell you how clumsy I was. How I would keep falling when we were doing the action scenes in Budhapest and Croatia. But I enjoyed doing it and would like to do more action oriented films. It makes me feel stronger.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Actually I didn’t, till I started working on Raabta. Since my character, Saira, believes in reincarnation I started reading books on the subject and now I believe it is true. When there is unrequited love in one birth, you may take birth again to be with the person you loved and lost.

Do you believe in what the film says, everything is connected?

I believe in this unexplained connection with someone you meet for the first time, because it often happens with me. I feel a connection with a person I have have just met. It could be as a friend or as a brother, whatever the connect. Like when I met Dinesh for the first time we just sat and chatted for hours and I felt like we were old buddies.

What about your costar Sushat, what kind of rapport do you share with him?

When I met Sushant for the first time in Dinesh Vijan’s office we just got chatting. Then Dinesh asked us to do the chocolate shop scene together and we were very comfortable as we played it out. Soon we became good friends. In fact I know Sushant better as a person than I know his character Shiv. We are both from Delhi and have a lot in common. As an actor he really gets under the skin of his character and is an inspiration for everyone on the sets.

What attracted you to the film?

I had met Dinesh before I did Heropanti. At that time he told me about a couple of scripts he had and Raabta was one of them. The story stayed with me and when I met him again I told him if he ever made the film I wanted to be part of it.

What is your take on nepotism in the film industry?

It’s true that star kids find it easier to get their first film. But ultimately it’s talent which matters. My first film Heropanti was successful and my craft was also acclaimed. And here I am doing films like Raabta and Bareilly Ki Barfi! I am very lucky!

Interviewed By – ARTI SAXENA