Barun quitting IPKKD may have cost him his TV superstar tag!

Some time a single decision can turn out be career changing. Barun Sobti was on a real high when he quit Star Plus show Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. He might have his reasons for quitting over work and health etc. But it has certainly put a question mark on his status as TV’s popular hero. Since then he has not been seen on TV for the past five years.

Back then he move to Bollywood signing a number of projects. Unfortunately only one of them Main Aur Mr.Right has released so far and as for its Fate the lesser said the better. He is part of two more films ( Satro Ko Shaadi Hai and 22 Yards ) announced back in 2014 and we have no indication when they will see the light of day. It is normally said that if a film is delayed its chances of success are less for the project loses freshness.

His latest flick Tu Hai Mera Sunday which has been screened in Cannes again is not a film which will really set Box Office(unconventional story , no big film names) on fire. It might appeal to small niche audiences at best. A film needs to have wider audiences to recover its monies. Having said Cannes will help the film get some international buyers. Barun’s work must have been appreciated. What might help the film’s fate could be lower budget as well.

He finally agreed to return to TV with Zee show Satya Ki Kiran which apparently now has been scrapped , we have no information as to why. This definitely will further dampen the brand Barun Sobti which gained recognition during IPKKND. He had announced that he will return to TV on his own terms and conditions aka only limited series.

We wonder if he will back track and finally agree to a normal daily show. He has a huge fan following so maybe channel’s will give him one more chance. But the longer he delays the more the window closes.

His only ray of hope as of now is his upcoming web series with Surbhi Jyoti. He might have a winner here as most of his fans are very active on online. So will add to much needed hits. This is second attempt at the web mode he has also do Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?… Ek Jashn. We don’t have data on number of views to make a call on its business .

However the success of web can’t be compared to TV yet . Agreed most say digital is the way to go but we have some time to reach there are as revenue models are still unclear. So Barun will need a big TV or cinema hit to claim his mantle back.

-Anil Merani


  1. Anonymous said:

    Well written article . You have stated facts . However be prepared to be bashed by his fans . They are notorious for that . He should stick to internet based things only Ashis fans can give it umpteen views by sitting on the repeat button

  2. suzan said:

    …Again gossip ?you remind me of old ladies with gum in mouth out of our yard, which from morning to evening delve into someone else’s dirty laundry. He incomparable actor.
    Barun has not breached the contract
    and he made the right choice
    because each
    has the right to choose.
    stop blaming him.
    .Barun was not the son of star parents but he is unique actor and wonderful person with a big letter.
    .he deserves more just he need the real filmmakers,directors and writers
    .in your tattered ,leaky, country everything is decided by money
    with the star parents
    daddy and mommy…. learn to appreciate and take care of your talents, which the whole world admires
    you lucky that you have such actors as Barun..give it a good sponsor, and will be directed by boom unto your Cinematography .because actor like a Barun must search
    in İndia .on the talent is not much pay attention..nowhere is there such a bad media both in India.they adjust up people with their dirty stories when they write the bad about actors.shame ..stop criticize him..better help the guy find himself become successful and he now need support ..

    • anurag said:

      o please now don’t tell me that irrfan khan , nawazudfdin siddiqui or shahrukh khan doesn’t have the talent. they are not sons of stars. the article is fairly balanced and please don’t crib about his ill-stars.

  3. Aimmy said:

    The article doesn’t seem from a Journalist it looks like a Barun strict Critic is penning it down. So Mr Anil first do justice with your profession as a journalist then talk about other’s profession.
    Thank You.

  4. Nirmala Bhattacharya said:

    Absolute nonsense, Barun is a phenomenal actor. For your kind information #THMS #22Yards will easily make people like you shut up. Feel free to do some research before writing crap.

  5. Shilpa L said:

    so well said! He has hit rock bottom thanks to his callous lazy attitude and post _IPK arrogance

  6. Anonymous said:

    I truly feel it’s the bad karma of his fans which is haunting his career . They bash everybody . They bashed Sanaya for 4 yrs , mocked her work , personal life , character and conduct . They bash every Tv actor who has had better visibility in Bollywood , KSG , SSR etc and now are even bashing a journalist for writing what he sees .
    Barun unfortunately is paying heavily for it .

  7. Prathiba said:

    I think the article stated the fact which is 100% true I agree he hoped to do big in Bollywood but everyone cannot have luck as srk.Barun once said in a interview that he would rather quit acting than returning back to TV series and this statement has cost him his carrier and many will not agree to what I say but Barun’s one wrong decision has costed him his carrier.But even now I wish him all success and I hope he takes his decision quickly and doesn’t get lost in wrong decision.