Back on the hot seat- Amitabh Bachchan

Once again his baritone will overpower the small screen. Amitabh Bachchan who is back with the ninth episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati reveals why the show, which will be telecast on Sony channel from August 28, is so dear to him. We meet up with the propagator of the ‘hot seat’ and computerji….

Q) Amitji you are back for another season of Kaun Banega Crorepati after three years. What are you feeling right now?

I am very happy because once again through the show I will get to meet wonderful and courageous people from who I learn a lot. Kaun Banega Crorepati has taught me that whatever the circumstances if a person has determination, the belief and the desire for knowledge then nothing can stop him from making it to the ‘hot seat’. I feel happy and am very inspired when I meet such participants who despite being ordinary people are very extraordinary. I am looking forward to the new season.

Q) Will the audience get to see something new in this season?

The format of the game is the same because that cannot be changed. But instead of ‘phone a friend’ there will be a video call and besides they can call a friend or a family member to be with them who can give them full support. The last correct answer will now get the winning participant seven crores instead of five! Also the money will go straight into the winner’s account through digital transaction. Then the audience can win a jackpot and a car sitting at home. These are the interesting changes in the ninth season.

Q) The joy of a winner is so ardent and fiery. Do you remember any time when happiness had you terribly excited?

I remember the time I was working in a Bengali firm in Kolkata and had to learn Bengali as per the job requirement. I was give three to six months and three and a half thousand rupees to learn the language. I had never so much money together and was so thrilled that I blew up the money in two days! Then I learnt the language from some Bengali friends!

Q) When a participant wins, you always ask him what he will he will do with the money. Can you tell us what you did with the first crore that you earned?

Frankly I don’t feel too good asking the winner this question but it is part of the game’s format. What I did with my first crore? I cannot divulge too much as I had a long list of things I wanted. But that was my hard earned money and not won through a game.

Q) Most participants get nervous on the ‘hot seat’. How do you put them at ease?

It’s true the participants especially those who don’t come from privileged backgrounds get anxious, especially because they are seated in front of me. I tell them to be calm and think before answering and try to engage them in a conversation to put them at ease.

Q) In the Ke Bhail Crorepati section on Kapil Sharma’s show he spoofs Shatrughan Sinha’s show which is in Bhojpuri. Would you like to be a participant on that show, just for laughs?

Sony channel is the boss and if they ask me to do that I will!

Q) And if you could choose a partner, who would that be?

I would choose Siddharth Basu (the shows producer) as he would know all the answers.

Q) What’s the reason behind you aggressively campaigning the use of polio drops?

It’s very important to make the people aware of the importance of vaccine to prevent diseases. I remember having a severe backache on the sets of KBC in 2010. The diagnosis was the onset of TB, but since it was detected on time I was cured fast. But this didn’t happen when I was given 250 bottles of blood after my accident on the sets of Coolie. One was of was contaminated with the Hepatitis virus and it was only after 75 per cent of my liver was damaged that it was detected. I know the dangers of these diseases and the benefit of an early diagnosis, hence my participation in the awareness.

Q) Is it true that no celebrities will be called on the show this season?

Yes it’s true. Since it’s a serious show and about real life heroes it was decided that there would be no film promotions or celebrities on the show.

Q) What is the importance of the show to you?

When I came into the world of television in 2000 everyone dissuaded me from appearing on this medium because only actors who had no work in films worked on television. But I went ahead and am so glad I did because not only did I benefit financially and mentally I got to learn so much from interacting with the participants.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena