Back on the dance floor- Khaas Baat Shilpa Shetty Ke Saath.

Shilpa Shetty the lithe dancer of her times is back to judging Super Dancer 2 the second season of Super Dancer. We discuss some moves with the actress turned television personality!

Q) Once again you are the judge of Super Dancer 2. Is the excitement more or less this time round?

Definitely more! I would like to thank Sony channel for coming up with season two of Super Dancer 2 and secondly for taking me on as a judge! I am one who is always restless to judge such a show and then the talent on Super Dancer 2 of this season is exceptionally good. My co-judges Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur had to select 12 finalists from 20 but we had a tough time as we did not know who to select and who to reject.

Q) What else excites you about the show?

The fact that I get to learn a lot while judging the show. The children put up such fabulous dance acts that we judges are left open-mouthed! These children come from small towns but they have such a passion for their craft that they leave me stunned! That’s the best thing about the show. I always tell my son that he should also develop a passion for some talent.

Q) Once again you have Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu as co-judges!

I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Geeta and Anurag are scared of me because I stop them from eating. Our table is laden with food. Children from different towns bring all kind of dishes for Anurag. Both he and Geeta are so fond of eating. At times I feel it’s not a dance but a cookery show!

Q) Who amongst you three is the strictest when it comes to judging?

Anurag sir is the strictest! He is firm about his decision whilst Geeta and I get very emotional and start crying. We feel so bad when we reject someone.

Q) Talking about crying, you are known to be the most emotional and ‘queen of tears’ on the show!

Are you praising me or teasing me? Anurag and Geeta also tease me. But I find it do hard to reject children halfway through the show because they all work so hard to reach that level. So I cannot stop my tears when I have to reject participants. Actually not only me but Geeta and Anurag also cry at times but only I am known as the ‘queen of tears’!

Q) These days’ participants are seen doing more of gymnastics and aerobics than true dance thumkas! What do you have to say about that?

We have to go with the times. Today we cannot ask the children to dance to a song, say like ‘Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon’. These days the dances that are being shown in the show is the trend. In fact we don’t even know the forms of the dances that the children do for us. I remember earlier people were so not so receptive about break-dance but later on the moves became popular. Similarly people will get to like these form of dances. Having said that, we don’t select children on the basis of stunning gymnastics or aerobics, graceful dance moves are definitely taken into consideration.

Q) What quality do you look for in a super dancer?

The dancer should exhibit one quality that is strikingly different from others. Variety and versatility are also key points.

Q) What is most challenging about this show?

I have judged several shows. The most difficult moment is when we tell the children that they are ‘out’! This time it was especially challenging because several children we had rejected in the last season are back in this season with a greater zeal and determination which has made it tougher for us to select the finalists!

Interviewed By : Arti Saxena