Avni’s *Prison Break* fails in Star Plus show Naamkarann?

The promos of Avni (Aditi Rathore) prison break has been making the rounds for quite a few days now and, in tonight’s episode viewers will get to see Avni making an attempt at breaking out of prison.

Helping Avni will be none other than her BFF Ali (Gautam Vig). Ali will be seen meeting up with Avni on the pretext of delivering food for the inmates. He will help her with the escape route following which Avni gets to working on breaking out.

Avni gets into a fight with another inmate on purpose as a part of her plan. Avni escapes from prison while Ali waits for her at the exit point. So will everything go as per plan?

Well NO!

It so happens that Neil (Zain Imam) will reach the same exit point for his meet up with Vidyut (Karam Rajpal). Ali will be worried seeing the police at the spot where Avni would emerge after her escape. Ali wonders how to let Avni know of the situation.

Will Avni taste success or will the presence of the cops force her to drop her plan.

Stay Tuned!