Avni shattered after seeing Neil’s condition in Star Plus Naamkarann.

Star Plus show Naamkran which is loosely based on Mahesh Bhatt’s super hit move Naamkarann will soon witness a dhamaka. Yes, you read it right and we meant it literally.

If sources are to be believed the show will soon witness Neil (Zain Imam) getting injured in an bomb attack. When Avni (Aditi Rathore) comes to know about this she rushes to the hospital and begs the doctors to save Neil’s life.

In a rather typical prime time drama scene the doctor will be seen informing Avni that Neil’s condition is very critical and that only a miracle can save his life. Avni cries her heart out and requests Neil to wake up.

Avni recalls all the moments they spent together and that is when the realization hits her that she is in love with her husband. She confesses that Neil is very dear and important to her and that he can’t leave her alone. Avni is determined to save Neil at any cost and even challenges the Gods that they can’t take him away from her.

Will Avni’s confession brings Neil back to his life?

Stay tuned for more updates.