Avni reveals herself to Fatima; Neil suspicious about Neela and Avni.

Star Plus show Naamkaran has been churning some rather interesting tracks since the leap. Between Avni (Aditi Rathore) trying to avenge the death of her mother, Neil (Zain Imam) falling in love with Avni and Dayavanti ‘s(Reema Lagoo) evil plans; the viewer have quite a handful going on in the show.

Dayavanti wants to know the truth about Ananya aka Avni but Avni figures it out and decides to put a stop to it. Avni and her best friend Ali (Gautam Vig) reach the hospital in disguise to get Avni’s photo which was taken a few months before she entered into everyone’s life as Ananya.

Things are going to get exciting in this cat and mouse game but one good thing to come out of it will be that Fatima (Gulfam Khan) gets to meet her grand daughter. According to sources there will be a confrontation between Dayavanti and Fatima at the hospital which will be witnessed by Avni. Avni also sees her grand mother crying because of losing her daughter and everything that has happened ever since and decides to reveal the truth to her.

Ananya tells Fatima that she is Avni Ayesha which gives much joy to Fatima. Avni will also tell Fatima that the reason she wants to stop Riya (Nalini Negi) and Neil’s marriage is because Dayavanti is getting them married for money, for a business merger and nothing more. She reveals that she will never let Dayavanti’s plan to succeed and looks like she will succeed.

But more on that later. Stay tuned and keep reading this space for more updates!!!