Avni gets trapped in Rangmahal; Neil to save Avni in Naamkarann?

Avni (Aditi Rathore) will be kidnapped in Star Plus show Naamkarann by none other than the goons send by Guruma also known as Raghu-Ragini Pandit (Manini Mishra) who also happens to be the crime boss Neil (Zain Imam) is searching for.

The upcoming episodes of the show will see Avni being dolled-up in Rangmahal to showcase a special Mujra (Dance) before she can be sold off. Shocked? Well there is more. The upcoming episodes will also witness Neela (Sayantani Ghosh) and Neil getting to know of Amol’s involvement in Avni’s kidnap and his plan to sell her off in Raghu Pandit’s flesh-market trade. Neela will be seen unleashing her wrath upon Amol and viewers will also get to see a confrontation between Neil and Amol.

On the other hand as mentioned above Guruma and Dayavanti Mehta plans to insult Avni and sell her to the highest bidder, but viewers will get to see a fearless Avni in the face of everything wrong that is happening simply because of faith. Avni is confident that Neil will come to rescue her and so she does not fear one bit about what is going to happen. If this is not love then what is?

Will Neil save Avni on time? Anybody care to wager?

Stay Tuned!