Atif Aslam Was Not a Hero After All!

Last week news about Pakistani singer Atif Aslam caused a huge up roar on social media in Pakistan and India. The singer heroically saved a girl from harassment during the concert. They accused was beaten up by people present in the concert after the singer pointed him out. But now the story has taken a 180-degree turn as the accused guy has come forward with his version of story.

According to the guy, the concert was organized by the university he is currently studying in. His job was to stop anyone from going near the stage without a specific ticket, but so many people gathered in front of stage. It was chaotic situation when 2 girls and a guy tried to enter the area, when he politely asked them to show tickets the girls started scratching his face and neck with their nails while the guy started punching his face. That’s exactly when Atif saw the scene from the stage, but instead of trying to figure out the whole situation he blamed the guy of harassment when all he did was trying to do his job.

We often hear women are not treating right in desi society but seem like things are not that easy for men also. It is comfortably assumed if a man and a woman are fighting, they guy must have done something wrong. Atif should have listened to both sides before passing judgment. All we can say is poor guy was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rida Khan