Aneri Vajani gears up!!! Beyhadh’s new alleged rape drama to bring out Saanjh’s lawyer avatar?

Fans of the lovely actress Aneri Vajani- who won hearts and accolades for her portrayal of Nisha in Star Plus show Nisha aur uske cousins; and is now doing the same with her portrayal of Saanjh Mathur in Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh, have been waiting anxiously to see the ‘Lawyer’ avatar of their most loved actress.

Looks like the wait is finally over and time has come to put on the black lawyer’s gown.

The second season of Sony Entertainment Television’s romantic thriller Beyhadh is going pretty well but soon things are going to take a more interesting turn.

Beyhadh’s new season started with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) coming to his sense and finally seeing Maya (Jennifer Winget) for who she truly is. Maya’s obsession with Arjun has driven a wedge through the couple; and now 3 years post their wedding Arjun wants nothing from Maya except his freedom while Maya’s obsession reaches new heights with every passing day.

The last episode of Beyhadh saw Maya accusing Ayan (Sumit Bhardwaj) of trying to rape her; and that is exactly what the upcoming track of the show will be focusing on. Maya has tried everything in her power to separate Arjun from his family and keep it that way. Arjun too fearing for the safety of his loved ones decided to stay away from them, while bearing the brunt of it all alone.

In a moment of weakness Arjun was seen uniting with his family after 3 years as he believed that Maya was en route to London for business. Maya being Maya pulls a ‘Maya stunt’ which interrupts Arjun’s happy time with his family and causes him to go back with Maya. This does not go down well with Ayan; to whom Arjun had poured out his heart, especially about the hell he has been through in the past 3 years.

Ayan decides to help his brother but unfortunately gets caught up in Maya’s vicious web and is accused of allegedly raping his sister-in-law. With Maya accusing Ayan of something he did not do, and with the entire Sharma and Mathur family knowing the type of person Maya is; things will take an interesting turn in Beyhadh and in all probability will pave way for the much awaited and anticipated entry of Adv. Saanjh Mathur (Aneri Vajani).

Earlier in the show Saanjh was seen as the legal advisor of Maya’s company but soon she will be seen as a lawyer of the court. If the upcoming track is any indication we can expect to see Saanjh fighting Ayan’s case.

It should be an interesting case since Saanjh knows very well about Maya’s abilities of lying and manipulating people and facts. Fans have been waiting since day 1 for this and we sure hope that this time we will get to Saanjh in action and Aneri as usual giving a hell of a performance as the young lawyer.

By Vijitha Rajan