Analysis: Journey of Shivaay now turning into an Ishqbaaz

If by any chance you missed the last episode of Ishqbaaz the fans of the show run and watch it first. Because well you get to see a complete transition in the character of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Although you might feel why a transition in the character is so hyped? Hold on the horses before you leave because it was a much needed transition. The transition of Shivaay Singh Oberoi becoming into Anika’s Billuji.
When they first met Anika had broken his car glasses and he lost his temper at every sight of hers. He would always be criticizing her and well it was hate at the first sight. However things changed and the most important one took place after Gayathri was murdered. The suspense of the track is yet to be revealed but this track has been a big leap in the story of Shivaay and Anika. The fans finally are going to get a glimpse of Ishqbaaz Shivaay to be more precise.

The fully action packed Bollywood kind of scene where Shivaay rescues Anika from the goons was there but amidst that scene there was something which nobody could miss.

Totally in guilt for mistreating and misjudging her all the time Shivaay could not hit back the goons at all. Not because he was not powerful or he could not fight back them but he did not want to He was so much in the moment of seeing Anika; the girl who sacrificed her prestige just to rescue him that too for a crime she was so sure he did not do about. There was no need for her to come but she did and explained and took all the insults and left quietly.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi was in awe of this girl who was so much more than herself. The selfless, strong and ruthless man was shocked seeing a girl who actually lived her life for others.

It almost looked like when the goons were beating him he wanted to get that. For e very insult, every accusation he hurled up on her for no reason. It was his way of repentance maybe; his way of saying sorry and that he wanted to be punished.

Well another scene followed where he himself brought a bucket of water and made Anika throw it on him for treating her the way he did but the cherry on the cake would undoubtedly be the sorry that followed. That one honest SORRY which now marks the new beginning in their story. Embarking their new journey towards love.

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