‘Adopting a child is an act of exceptional greatness’ Rajeev Surti

Choreographer Rajeev Surti kicked off his career as a choreographer with Farhan Akhtar’s Don and went on to choreograph several songs in films like Dabangg, Luck By Chance and Wanted. He now ventures into acting with a short film on adoption called, “Take Them Home, Make them Your Own” ACCEPTANCE. The choreographer-actor on the short and his extraordinary journey

Q) You are basically a choreographer, how did the acting bug bite you?

I am a choreographer but actually I have also done theatre. Director, Sheila Sandhu who has directed Acceptance, is an old friend knew this. So when she asked me to act in the film as she felt I fit the part perfectly, I said yes.

Q) What is your role in the film?

I play a married man who has a young son. One day his wife brings a homeless girl and wants to adopt her. Even though she convinces me to keep the girl my character cannot bring himself to love her like he does his son.

Q) Since there are several options like surrogacy to have a child, what is your take on adoption?

I think adopting a child is an exceptional act of greatness. If you visit the institutes where children are up for adoption you will see how they look forward to visitors and prospective parents and homes.

Q) Would you go in for adoption?

Absolutely! I have an eight year old son and love to adopt another child. But I would have to make sure that the child I adopt and my child are compatible.

Q) But is it true that the procedure is long and tedious? Like Sunny Leone who just adopted a baby girl mentioned how it took almost two years for her to adopt her.

It is true because the authorities have to make sure that the adopted children are well looked after. And it’s not only money they look into about the person who are going in for adoption but also things like the ambiance at home, the lifestyle. But if you are genuine and your intention good, you can adopt a child.

Q) From choreographing for a reality show Nach Baliye to choreographing songs for top films, yours is an extraordinary journey? Do you wish to continue acting now?

It was Farhan Akhtar who gave me my first break as a choreographer in his film Don and there was no looking back. I have worked with choreographers like Vaibhavi Merchant and Raju Khan also.

Q) Would you like to wish continue acting now?

As for continuing with acting it all depends on the response to Acceptance.

Interviewed By: Arti Saxena