Acting is an art, which needs to be applauded, not to embarrass!

It’s been a long time since I have written something. Several topics came to my mind, but didn’t feel the need to write. But finally today I made up my mind and thought to pen down my thoughts on the subject of intimate scenes or kissing scenes, which are showing on Indian Television. Being part of the media industry and as a student of film production, I understand both worlds; I was part of the fan groups, so understand fans and their fanaticism too.

The discussion of intimate scenes in today’s Indian Television is considered a bit of a taboo. We feel awkward, and become a little embarrassed when talking about such topics. Before I go further, my first question to you guys is what is about intimate scenes that we don’t already know about? Bring one topic which you never heard, or never seen before? Why behave so abnormal on normal things? It’s not the first time such scenes were introduced to the world. Intimacy is old as time itself.

Procreation and intimacy is not something to feel awkward about, as it exists in our daily lives. But to understand that one has to be educated enough. It’s not lust; it’s a pure relation, which we all have to go through. Why make such things such a taboo. I know that for people without any knowledge of the subject it is just lust, but in real it’s not. It depends on your knowledge or on your way of seeing things.

When God made this world, he visualized his idea, and made all of us his puppets to play around. Just like that when one creative mind sits down, and pens down his/her idea, they started visualizing their idea and make it as perfect as they can to give you the real picture of people around them and emotions we go through. For that they cast actors, who make their ideas come alive for viewers, for people. But instead of taking it as entertainment or understand the message, we make things abnormal for us, and an embarrassment for actors who performs such emotions. Don’t you think getting intimate, and becoming involved in a kissing scene or such similar situations, are normal emotions of any human being?

Recently we have seen passionate kiss scene of Manik and Nandini from Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. It was such a beautiful performance by two actors; Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor. Hats off to them to perform such passionate scene with such dedication, and make it as real as possible. Do you think it was an easy task for them? No it was not.

As an actor how much they have gone through no one can imagine. Instead of applauding them for their courage, who put their soul to make the scene remarkable, we media love to embarrass them by asking question about the kiss. Yes for us we want our stories to sell. And such topics are just the spice for us. Need hits!!

Acting is an art; a beautiful art, which puts soul in every single emotion, to entertain you, to make you understand the beauty of each relation. But instead of understanding the purity of artwork, we love to make the actors feel bad.

Please it’s a request to the media, not to stoop so low just because you want your stories to sell. Don’t behave like toddlers who want every answer to their question to understand the world. We are grown ups, who understands how this world runs, and how relationships runs. Don’t put actors in such an awkward situation. If they are not comfortable to talk about it, then just leave it.

Same goes with fans, please don’t try to find something or anything in such scenes. It’s a pure art, so respect the actors and try not to make things miserable for them. They love you for supporting them, and they expect you to respect them, respect their work. Not everything is “Ooh” “Aah” here.

As for the actors even they should learn to handle such incessant media, instead of feeling awkward or embarrassed, and give ideas to them. Because what you are doing is not an easy job. It needs courage, which not many people out there have.

In closing all I can say is to each their own but lets not forget that the actors, creatives and techs put in a lot of hardwork and dedication for your entertainment. They work for hours ranging between 14-16 and sometimes more for the final product which is a mere 20-22 mins episode. They deserve appreciation and creative criticism not being ridiculed for their art.

Author – Muniza Riaz

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