5 Shows not to be missed this week – Dil Bole Oberoi

While we want nothing more than take a serious break from the Svetlana story and Kaali Thakur story, and see something happen on the Omkara and Gauri front; things got pretty interesting last week with Omkara teaming up with the vamp and casting aside his ‘best friend’.

As known to all Svetlana has agreed to marry Omkara instead of Tej because Om promised to give her the Mrs. Oberoi title by marrying her as well as give her 100 Crore, so that she does not ruin his mom Jhanvi’s life; though it does make you wonder why Om is insisting on Jhanvi staying married to Tej or why Jhanvi feels the need to save her marriage when the latter does not show any regard or respect for his wife. But Indian drama hai aur yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai even if it is mercilessly trampling the self-respect of a woman.

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Coming back, last week DBO saw a rather interesting twist where Omkara sidelined his best friend aka Chulbul without paying attention to his warning, and even went on to lock up the lad for being persistent that Om was walking right into a trap. I hate to say this but Om – you brought this upon yourself by choosing to take Svetlana’s help and disregarding Chulbul entirely when it is the latter who has been with you through thick and thin. Regardless of the truth that Svetalana wanted to genuinely help Omkara, the man should have erred on the side of caution.

Well he didn’t and that led to Kaali Thakur scoring a brownie point as he manages to get Omkara right where he wants. Kaali Thakur not only wants Gauri back, but he also wants to see Omkara dead for killing his brother. Now that Kaali Thakur has figured out that Jhanvi is Omkara’s weakness and the only way to break him; this week viewers will see the villain put his plan into motion. With Omkara caged and ready to be fed to an alligator, Kaali will force Svetlana to marry Tej, which is what the latter wants thereby breaking Jhavi’s heart and Omkara’s promise to his mother. But that does not happen because, Gauri who has taken it upon herself to shield Omkara and his family from every problem will be seen freeing Omkara and Jhanvi from the clutches of Kaali with the help of Rudra. In Anika’s words and I quote “Kaali Thakur ki hawa nikal gayi…ho gayi uski tai tai phis” *wink*

Interestingly post this sequence chances are huge that Jhanvi and Bua Maa will turn advocates for Gauri Kumari Sarma. We all know Om hates Gauri and holds her responsible for everything that is going on post Kaali Thakur’s entry into their lives. What he does not know is that it’s the very same Gauri who has been shielding him and his mom from every trouble hovering around them.

Should be interesting to see how things play out. Stay Tuned!!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan