5 Reasons Why You Should Watch HIGHWAY

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch HIGHWAY

If you think that ‘Highway’ may not be the right choice for the mid-week February, think again.

Highway is the year’s the first Bollywood movie to be screened in the Panorama section of the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival. Directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, the film stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. Already captivating the country’s attention with its naive and unique posters and promos, we Telly Tadka give you the Five Biggest Most Reasons why you should watch Highway.

5# The NEWEST HATKE Jodi in town


The movie Highway presents you the most Hatke Jodi of the year, Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. Not only they bring freshness to the screen, but their chemistry has already charmed people. The leads’ matured and skillful acting adds a +1 to the movie.

4# Alia Bhatt


Last seen as a school girl in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt has much been criticized as an actor. In Highway, however she stuns you in astonishment with her flawless matured acting. The trailers themselves are a proof of her the character’s growth in the movie. From being a carefree girl, to the realization of reality, this young actress bowls you over with her loveliness and clean acting.

3# A.R. Rahman’s music


Mastero A.R. Rahman has again given the audience another slice of his unheard caliber. Not only the story is progressive but the music too is one. From Sufiyana music to the Rock music, Highway is one such movie which gives a fusion of the two in the most skillful manner. The songs already soaring high at the charts, Patakha Guddi urges you to feel free-spirited while the melodious Sooha Saaha, one easily savours the voice of Alia Bhatt. AR Rahman’s soulful voice in Maahi Ve, takes you to experience Love in the Spiritual level. Highway’s music without a fail, lands you into a higher level of music.

2# Realistic Plot and Locations


The plot is absolutely realistic and inspired from real incidents. A young city girl who is to be married, finds herself kidnapped by a group of criminals and her journey of horror begins. But as the ‘abducted’ tempo hits the national highway, she experiences an ultimate change in herself too. A special kind of bond develops between both the victim and oppressor with the fact known to them that they are not meant for each other. Now the girl neither wills to go with the criminals nor, even return to the place she came from. All she wants is that her journey on highway should never end. The plot of the movie is raw pure and naive. As said, the cast and crew traveled through six north Indian states and 15 towns and cities to complete the film. It is totally worth watching the exotic beauty of India, through the eyes of Imitaz Ali, along with a story which is progressive.

1# Imitaz Ali


The hatke director again came up with another hatke story. Proving his caliber in Bollywood by successful box office super hits like Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar, the expectations from highway are naturally higher than the previous. But as a viewer, you have all rights to have a set of high expectation from this ‘different’ movie too which come from the kitty of this ace director. Hence to keep in mind is, Imtiaz Ali should be the Biggest Reason why one should watch Highway.

‘Yeh Duniya Yahaan Kya Sach Hai Kya Jhoota kuch pata nahi, sab confusion hai yahan, toh mujhe nahi hona hai sensible, main bewakoof hoon, main kharab hoon, magar main ap logo main se ek nahi hoon : Take
a journey within.’

We, at Telly Tadka recommend that Highway is worth a try.

By Ankita Chatterjee

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  1. Iram said:

    I find hard to explain this film, I felt numb after watching that. What a brilliant film it is. Actors are brilliant but Imtiaz Ali is a genius for sure. He knows how to tell story .The Story starts introducing Veera’s character, First few min of the film is mixture of different clips of Veera’s wedding preparations. Then next thing, I noticed that she somehow disturbed and seems feed up with her routine. She asked her fiancé to run away and live on hills, in first half hour of the film. But that conversation doesn’t seem noticeable as it was quite early to say something. Randeep’s character enters very dramatically in film and it has all grey shades. I would like to point out highlights which I personally loved. First when she get in state of mind kept talking to herself that how she is feeling relaxed in the situation , second when she said to Randeep that she is not scared from him anymore and then she end up telling her life’s biggest secret to him and the last half hour just killed that film . I loved when Randeep cry in the second half and she holds him. Second half is about human feelings and emotions. Imtiaz showed brilliantly that one is filled with joy to see her dream in front of her while other is too scared to see the glimpse of his hidden desire and break down in Veera’s arms saying that he came really far which shows his all emotions about his life as well as his feeling for Veera. The most beautiful part of the film was when Randeep smiled back to Veera on bus stop in a way that he gave up in front of her and Veera set on floor and cried while looking at him. This story opens like onion shell and left with obvious. In first half, I wasn’t convinced that Alia Bhatt was right choice for this role but she has completely delivered what role demands absolutely brilliant performance by Randeep and Alia Bhatt. Music has nothing to do with this film. This film can work without A.R. Rahman music. I think It shouldn’t call highway. I don’t think so that was suitable title for marketing point of view as it creates a different image in viewers mind. Over all it’s an excellent piece of art kind of film

  2. shinystar said:

    The movie is made on very different story with artists like Allia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda who have performed very well.
    All theartists songs are very different and very popular amongst the youngsters.