3 Reasons why the current RiKara track is going to be exciting!

“Aaja Mehndy Leke Aaja,
Meri Bindiya Tu Chamkaja
Mujhko Kangan Tu Pehnaja

Kasam Se Kasam Se, Hum Aayenge
Shaadi Ka Joda, Hum Layenge, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge”

We know that no matter what Omkara and Gauri will unite, and if our news article earlier this week is any indication then the popular couple will unite as a result of the infamous ‘Swap Drama’ where Omkara will take Ajay’s place or should I say his rightful place as Gauri’s groom. But because we all know the end result it does not mean we can not enjoy the process. Does it?

With the exception of the most obvious reason that the beautiful couple will unite; here are three reasons’ that makes the current RiKara track all the more entertaining and exciting

Omakra’s helplessness and desperation

When Omkara came to Bareilly as Dilpreet to win Gauri; it was not the best of moves but his intentions were pure and that is what mattered. However, thing started slipping out of hand with the entry of Ajay who literally blackmailed Gauri into marrying him. Now along with Richa, Gauri’s wedding preparations are also going on in full swing and while it is annoying to see Ajay getting his way it has also paved way for viewers to see a new shade of Omkara. We know that Omkara is in love with Gauri… dekha jaaye toh he has always been in love with Gauri but it was the day that they got separated that he realized and acknowledged the same. He believed that he could win over Gauri’s forgiveness, trust and love with time, but Ajay’s entry and his demand put a clock on Omkara’s plans. Now Omkara is running out of time and for a change it is wonderful to see a more helpless and desperate Om especially because this one is in love and is aware of the depth of it. Today Omkara wants Gauri back; is ready to fight for her but Gauri isn’t fighting to be with him. While we know that Gauri wants nothing more than live her life as Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi; she has taken it upon herself to gamble her life for the sake of her friend Richa who is pregnant, and will become an unwed mother if Gauri backs off from marrying Ajay. Omkara is ready to do and say everything that Gauri once wished and hoped for but for now it seems too late, and that definitely is an interesting turn of events as the viewers get to see what a completely head over heels in love Omkara is like.

The tug of war between Gauri’s heart and mind

It is always visually addicting to see the heart and mind engage in a constant tug of war when it comes to our favorite screen characters, and when you have an ace performer like Shrenu Parikh the appeal of it is increased by manifolds. Gauri’s love for Omkara was not just love it was more like a devotion, and perhaps that is the reason why she can’t bring herself to hate Om for what he did – accusing her of infidelity. Caught between doing what her heart truly wants and what he mind says she should do; to say that Gauri is gambling with her life would be a gross understatement. She may not be with Om, she may not be in his life, and though she truly believes that Om wants nothing to do with her; it does make her heart NOT beat for him. She still believes that he is her husband and will remain till the day she dies. But Richa’s condition has put Gauri in a predicament. Being a small town girl herself Gauri very well know what it would mean for Richa if the wedding did not take place and she ended up being an unwed mother. While Gauri’s decision to marry Ajay is stupid in an ideal world; in the world of drama it comes across as a perfect catalyst to bring the estranged couple together and add more drama.

The Oberoi’s Family Angle

While ShivIka, RiKara and RuVya have their own magic and charm, it pales in comparison to the magic and charm created by the OBro’s. When Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara are together, and when their better halves Anika, Bhavya and Gauri are added to the mix it becomes a recipe for something much more entertaining, beautiful and meaningful. While today Gauri is not exactly present in the equation; she is very much a part of it considering how the whole track revolves around breaking Gauri’s impending wedding to Ajay, and getting Gauri Singh Oberoi back to her family – The Oberoi’s. With their mission in mind, the mad toli has already reached Bareilly and the track has kick-started off to a glorious start. Anika’s Dadi avatar, Shivaay and Rudra as Punjabi Munda’s similar to Omkara’s look and the soni kudi Bhavya is all set to assist Om in winning his wife back…in making her realize that what she is doing is not what her heart truly wants. The track will surely be a laugh riot, but it is sure to be a meaningful one too. Ishqbaaz has almost always managed to deliver amazing scenes when it comes to the whole Oberoi Family especially the brothers.

Om trying to win Gauri back as the clock goes tick-tock, Shivaay and Rudra supporting their brother, stolen moments between ShivIka and RuVya, Anika’s hyper-dadi act and Bhavya’s inner cop voice together is guaranteed to make this track rather exciting. What say?

Are you excited for this new drama? Let us know through your comments in the section below.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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  1. Raazi said:

    Awesome post..congratz…I am a die hard Rikara fan..n I am highly excited to know how Om is going to remarry Gauri….

  2. Anusuya Nandi said:

    awesome post and also creating the interest between fans.Hope next time you will put Kunal Jaisingh & Shrenu Parikh in your best male lead/femal lead poll.

  3. Barenya said:

    Awesome post. I am die hard Kunal jaisingh Fan he is mind blowing as omkara n now Dilpreet . Very Excited for omkara gauri’s remarry .